wildmat - perform shell-style wildcard matching


   wildmat(text, pattern)
       char       *text;
       char       *pattern;


   Wildmat  is  part of libinn (3).  Wildmat compares the text against the
   pattern and returns non-zero if the  pattern  matches  the  text.   The
   pattern  is  interpreted  according  to rules similar to shell filename
   wildcards, and not as a full regular expression such as  those  handled
   by  the  grep(1) family of programs or the regex(3) or regexp(3) set of

   The pattern is interpreted as follows:

   \x     Turns off the special meaning of x and matches it directly; this
          is  used  mostly  before a question mark or asterisk, and is not
          special inside square brackets.

   ?      Matches any single character.

   *      Matches any sequence of zero or more characters.

          Matches any single character specified  by  the  set  x...y.   A
          minus  sign may be used to indicate a range of characters.  That
          is, [0-5abc] is a shorthand  for  [012345abc].   More  than  one
          range  may  appear inside a character set; [0-9a-zA-Z._] matches
          almost all of the legal characters for a host name.   The  close
          bracket, ], may be used if it is the first character in the set.
          The minus sign, -, may be used if it is either the first or last
          character in the set.

          This  matches  any  character  not  in  the  set x...y, which is
          interpreted as described above.  For example, [^]-] matches  any
          character other than a close bracket or minus sign.


   Written by Rich $alz <rsalz@uunet.uu.net> in 1986, and posted to Usenet
   several times since then, most notably in comp.sources.misc  in  March,

   Lars  Mathiesen  <thorinn@diku.dk>  enhanced the multi-asterisk failure
   mode in early 1991.

   Rich and Lars increased the efficiency of star patterns and reposted it
   to comp.sources.misc in April, 1991.

   Robert  Elz  <kre@munnari.oz.au>  added  minus  sign  and close bracket
   handling in June, 1991.

   This is revision 1.10, dated 1992/04/03.


   grep(1), regex(3), regexp(3).


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