vgconvert - convert volume group metadata format


   vgconvert   [--commandprofile   ProfileName]  [-d|--debug]  [-h|--help]
   [-t|--test] [-v|--verbose] [--labelsector] [--bootloaderareasize  size]
   [-M|--metadatatype     type]     [--pvmetadatacopies    NumberOfCopies]
   [--metadatasize   size]   [--reportformat   {basic|json}]   [--version]
   VolumeGroupName [VolumeGroupName...]


   vgconvert  converts VolumeGroupName metadata from one format to another
   provided that the metadata fits into the same space.


   See lvm(8) and pvcreate(8) for options.


   Convert volume group vg1 from LVM1 metadata  format  to  the  new  LVM2
   metadata format.

   vgconvert -M2 vg1


   Use  pvscan(8)  to  see which PVs lost their metadata.  Run pvcreate(8)
   with the --uuid and --restorefile options on each such PV  to  reformat
   it  as  it was, using the archive file that vgconvert(8) created at the
   start of the procedure.  Finally run vgcfgrestore(8) with that  archive
   file to restore the original metadata.


   lvm(8), pvcreate(8), vgcfgrestore(8)

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