vgmerge --- merge two volume groups


   vgmerge    [-A|--autobackup   {y|n}]   [--commandprofile   ProfileName]
   [-d|--debug]  [-h|-?|--help]  [-l|--list]  [-t|--test]   [-v|--verbose]
   DestinationVolumeGroupName SourceVolumeGroupName


   vgmerge    merges    two   existing   volume   groups.   The   inactive
   SourceVolumeGroupName      will      be      merged      into       the
   DestinationVolumeGroupName  if  physical  extent  sizes  are  equal and
   physical and logical volume summaries of both volume  groups  fit  into
   DestinationVolumeGroupName's limits.


   See lvm(8) for common options.

   -l, --list
          Display merged DestinationVolumeGroupName like vgdisplay -v.

   -t, --test
          Do a test run WITHOUT making any real changes.


   Merge  the  inactive  volume  group  named  "my_vg"  into the active or
   inactive  volume  group  named  "databases"  giving   verbose   runtime

   vgmerge -v databases my_vg


   lvm(8), vgcreate(8), vgextend(8), vgreduce(8)

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