addchstr, addchnstr, waddchstr, waddchnstr, mvaddchstr, mvaddchnstr,
   mvwaddchstr, mvwaddchnstr - add a string of characters (and attributes)
   to a curses window


   #include <curses.h>

   int addchstr(const chtype *chstr);
   int addchnstr(const chtype *chstr, int n);
   int waddchstr(WINDOW *win, const chtype *chstr);
   int waddchnstr(WINDOW *win, const chtype *chstr, int n);
   int mvaddchstr(int y, int x, const chtype *chstr);
   int mvaddchnstr(int y, int x, const chtype *chstr, int n);
   int mvwaddchstr(WINDOW *win, int y, int x, const chtype *chstr);
   int mvwaddchnstr(WINDOW *win, int y, int x, const chtype *chstr, int n);


   These  functions copy the (null-terminated) chstr array into the window
   image structure starting at the  current  cursor  position.   The  four
   functions  with  n as the last argument copy at most n elements, but no
   more than will fit on the line.   If  n=-1  then  the  whole  array  is
   copied, to the maximum number of characters that will fit on the line.

   The  window  cursor  is not advanced.  These functions work faster than
   waddnstr.  On the other hand:

   ·   they do not perform checking (such as for the  newline,  backspace,
       or carriage return characters),

   ·   they do not advance the current cursor position,

   ·   they do not expand other control characters to ^-escapes, and

   ·   they  truncate  the  string  if it crosses the right margin, rather
       than wrapping it around to the new line.


   All functions return the integer ERR upon failure and OK on success.

   X/Open does not  define  any  error  conditions.   This  implementation
   returns an error if the window pointer is null.

   Functions  with  a  "mv"  prefix  first perform a cursor movement using
   wmove, and return an error if the position is outside the window, or if
   the window pointer is null.


   All functions except waddchnstr may be macros.


   These entry points are described in the XSI Curses standard, Issue 4.


   addstr(3NCURSES), ncurses(3NCURSES).

   Comparable  functions  in  the  wide-character  (ncursesw)  library are
   described in add_wchstr(3NCURSES).


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