deleteln,  wdeleteln, insdelln, winsdelln, insertln, winsertln - delete
   and insert lines in a curses window


   #include <curses.h>

   int deleteln(void);
   int wdeleteln(WINDOW *win);
   int insdelln(int n);
   int winsdelln(WINDOW *win, int n);
   int insertln(void);
   int winsertln(WINDOW *win);


   The deleteln and wdeleteln routines delete the line under the cursor in
   the  window;  all  lines  below the current line are moved up one line.
   The bottom line of the window is cleared.  The cursor position does not

   The  insdelln  and  winsdelln  routines, for positive n, insert n lines
   into the specified window above the current line.  The n  bottom  lines
   are  lost.  For negative n, delete n lines (starting with the one under
   the cursor), and move the remaining lines up.  The bottom n  lines  are
   cleared.  The current cursor position remains the same.

   The  insertln  and  winsertln  routines  insert  a blank line above the
   current line and the bottom line is lost.


   All routines return the integer  ERR  upon  failure  and  an  OK  (SVr4
   specifies  only  "an  integer  value  other  than ERR") upon successful

   X/Open defines no error conditions.  In  this  implementation,  if  the
   window parameter is null, an error is returned.


   These functions are described in the XSI Curses standard, Issue 4.  The
   standard specifies that they return ERR on failure,  but  specifies  no
   error conditions.


   Note that all but winsdelln may be macros.

   These  routines do not require a hardware line delete or insert feature
   in  the  terminal.   In  fact,  they  will  not   use   hardware   line
   delete/insert  unless  idlok(...,  TRUE)  has  been  set on the current




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