yaz-config - Script to get information about YAZ.


   yaz-config [--prefix[=DIR]] [--version] [--libs] [--lalibs] [--cflags]
              [--comp] [-V] [libraries...]


   yaz-config is a script that returns information that your own software
   should use to build software that uses YAZ.

   The following libraries are supported:

       Use the threaded version of YAZ.


       Returns prefix of YAZ or assume a different one if DIR is

       Returns version of YAZ.

       Library specification be used when using YAZ.

       Return library specification.

       Return C Compiler flags.

       Returns full path to YAZ' ASN.1 compiler: yaz-asncomp.

       veturns YAZ SHA1 ID (from Git) and version.







   Section "How to make apps using YAZ on UNIX" in the YAZ manual.

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