yuvsplittoppm  -  convert  a  Y-  and a U- and a V-file into a portable


   yuvsplittoppm basename width height [-ccir601]


   Reads three files, containing the  YUV  components,  as  input.   These
   files  are basename.Y, basename.U, and basename.V.  Produces a portable
   pixmap on stdout.

   Since the YUV files are raw files, the dimensions width and height must
   be specified on the command line.


          Assumes  that the YUV triplets are scaled into the smaller range
          of the CCIR 601 (MPEG) standard. Else, the JFIF (JPEG)  standard
          is assumed.


   ppmtoyuvsplit(1), yuvtoppm(1), ppm(5)


   Marcel Wijkstra <wijkstra@fwi.uva.nl>, based on ppmtoyuvsplit.

                             26 August 93                 yuvsplittoppm(1)

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