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  • Education - Open Source software supports education globally by providing education focused distributions and distance learning applications/services. Millions of students utilize online open source applications and/or utilize open source educational distributions.

  • EdX is an online learning community that provides high-quality content from leading universities, nonprofits and institutions. It was founded in 2012 by Harvard University and MIT with the mission of providing global access to free education. Today there are more than 80 global partners contributing and delivering courses via EdX.

    Open edX is the open-source platform that delivered more than 500 courses to the more than 4 million students in 2014. Courses include areas such as biology, college prep, computer science, Math, Physics, electronics, engineering, languages, marketing, history, psychology, writing, or professional education.

    Open EdX is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform. A MOOC is a web based online course that is designed to support open access and a large (massive) number of students. MOOCs provide standard course materials such as filmed lectures, readings, and testing but also utilize web based features such as online forums and support communities.

    In 2014, EdX had more than 4 million students taking more than 500 courses.

    Below are samples from the many courses available at EdX.

  • College Prep - Get ready for college or earn college credit. EdX provides more than 40 High School and AP Exam Preparation Courses. Subjects range from mathematics to science, English and history. EdX courses help students succeed in High School and prepare for college.

  • Courses from Harvard, MIT, Stanford and more - The site offers classes from the top Universities and Institutions in the country. There are hundreds of courses that cover almost all major areas of study. Most courses are free. Certifications and/or college credit are available with some courses.

"Free software is primarily a matter of liberty, not price: users, individually or collectively, are free to do whatever they want with it - this includes the freedom ... to sell it "

"Our goal is to increase awareness of open source and to assist everyone in leveraging its economic and social value. Learn how to use open source to create opportunity and wealth."



"Freedom means having control over your own life. If you use a program to carry out activities in your life, your freedom depends on your having control over the program. You deserve to have control over the programs you use, and all the more so when you use them for something important in your life."   Richard Stallman

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