"Freedom means having control over your own life. If you use a program to carry out activities in your life, your freedom depends on your having control over the program. You deserve to have control over the programs you use..."

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The Free Software Foundation partnered with Urchin to make this animated introduction to free software. Urchin made the video using free software. People have been looking to the FSF for thirty years for explanations about the importance of free software. Please go to the Free Software Foundation website and make a donation.

Video credits


Fateh Slavitskaya (Script, Voice, Production), Bassam Kurdali (Animation, Production)

Free Software Foundation

Libby Reinish, John Sullivan, Zak Rogoff


To the extent possible under law, the authors (listed by freesound.org username) of the SFX below have dedicated all copyright and related and neighboring rights to these works to the public domain worldwide via the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) declaration and license.

The following SFX were released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license on freesound.org:

Original music and SFX by James P. McQuoid is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.


Script: gedit, Piratepad, TextPlay (command line fountain renderer), Trelby (dedicated screenwriting application)
Sound recording: Audacity (voice), Ardour (music)
Story boards: Krita
Vector Mockups: Inkscape
Visuals, animation, rendering, editing, sound editing: Blender
webm encoding: Transmageddon (first batch), Pitivi (second batch)


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