Bootloader::Core::LILO − LILO library for bootloader configuration


This package is the LILO library of the bootloader configuration


use Bootloader::Core::LILO;

"$obj_ref = Bootloader::Core::LILO−>new ();"

"$files_ref = Bootloader::Core::LILO−>ListFiles ();"

"$status = Bootloader::Core::LILO−>ParseLines (\%files, $avoid_reading_device_map);"

"$files_ref = Bootloader::Core::LILO−>CreateLines ();"

"$status = Bootloader::Core::LILO−>UpdateBootloader ($avoid_init);"

"$status = Bootloader::Core::LILO−>InitializeBootloader ();"


"$obj_ref = Bootloader::Core::LILO−>new ();"

Creates an instance of the Bootloader::Core::LILO class.

"$files_ref = Bootloader::Core::LILO−>ListFiles ();"

Returns the list of the configuration files of the bootloader Returns undef on fail

"$status = Bootloader::Core::LILO−>ParseLines (\%files,

Parses the contents of all files and stores the settings in the internal structures. As first argument, it takes a hash reference, where keys are file names and values are references to lists, each member is one line of the file. As second argument, it takes a boolean flag that, if set to a true value, causes it to skip updating the internal device_map information. Returns undef on fail, defined nonzero value on success.

"$files_ref = Bootloader::Core::LILO−>CreateLines ();"

creates contents of all files from the internal structures. Returns a hash reference in the same format as argument of ParseLines on success, or undef on fail.

"$status = Bootloader::Core::LILO−>UpdateBootloader ($avoid_init);"

Updates the settings in the system. Backs original configuration files up and replaces them with the ones with the ’.new’ suffix. Also performs operations needed to make the change effect (run ’/sbin/lilo’). Returns undef on fail, defined nonzero value on success.

"$status = Bootloader::Core::LILO−>InitializeBootloader ();"

Initializes the firmware to boot the bootloader. Returns undef on fail, defined nonzero value otherwise

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