$modobj = $cb−>parse_module( module => 'file://path/to/' );


"CPANPLUS::Dist::Autobundle" is a distribution class for installing installation snapshots as created by "CPANPLUS""autobundle" command.

All modules as mentioned in the snapshot will be installed on your system.

More Linux Commands

clnttcp_create(3) - library routines for remote procedure ca
These routines allow C programs to make procedure calls on other machines across the network. First, the client calls a procedure to send a data packet to the s

y1f(3) - Bessel functions of the second kind (Man Page).....
The y0() and y1() functions return Bessel functions of x of the second kind of orders 0 and 1, respectively. The yn() function returns the Bessel function of x

glGetMaterialfv(3gl) - return material parameters (ManPage)
glGetMaterial returns in params the value or values of parameter pname of material face. Six parameters are defined: GL_AMBIENT params returns four integer or f

gluQuadricNormals(3gl) - specify what kind of normals are de
gluQuadricNormals specifies what kind of normals are desired for quadrics rendered with quad. The legal values are as follows: GLU_NONE No normals are generated

XChangePointerControl(3) - control pointer - Linux man page
The XChangePointerControl function defines how the pointing device moves. The acceleration, expressed as a fraction, is a multiplier for movement. For example,

mysql(1) - the MySQL command-line tool - Linux manual page
mysql is a simple SQL shell with input line editing capabilities. It supports interactive and noninteractive use. When used interactively, query results are pre

sigsetmask(3) - BSD signal API (Library - Linux man page)...
These functions are provided in glibc as a compatibility interface for programs that make use of the historical BSD signal API. This API is obsolete: new applic

log1p(3) - logarithm of 1 plus argument - Linux manual page
log1p(x) returns a value equivalent to log (1 + x) It is computed in a way that is accurate even if the value of x is near zero. RETURN VALUE On success, these

tcgetattr(3) - get and set terminal attributes, line control
The termios functions describe a general terminal interface that is provided to control asynchronous communications ports. The termios structure Many of the fun

endwin_sp(3ncurses) - curses screen-pointer extension.......
This implementation can be configured to provide a set of functions which improve the ability to manage multiple screens. This feature can be added to any of th

pthread_getschedparam(3) - set/get scheduling policy and par
The pthread_setschedparam() function sets the scheduling policy and parameters of the thread thread. policy specifies the new scheduling policy for thread. The

expr(1) - evaluate expressions (Commands - Linux man page)
--help display this help and exit --version output version information and exit Print the value of EXPRESSION to standard output. A blank line below separates i

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