aa-cleanprof - clean an existing AppArmor security profile.


   aa-cleanprof <executable> [<executable> ...] [-d /path/to/profiles]


   -d --dir  /path/to/profiles

      Specifies where to look for the AppArmor security profile set.
      Defaults to /etc/apparmor.d.

   -s --silent

      Silently overwrites the profile without user prompt.


   aa-cleanprof is used to perform a cleanup on one or more profiles.  The
   tool removes any existing superfluous rules (rules that are covered
   under an include or another rule), reorders the rules to group similar
   rules together and removes all comments from the file.


   If you find any bugs, please report them at


   apparmor(7), apparmor.d(5), aa-enforce(1), aa-complain(1),
   aa-disable(1), aa_change_hat(2), and <http://wiki.apparmor.net>.

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