audit_log_user_semanage_message − log a semanage message


#include <libaudit.h>

int audit_log_user_semanage_message(int audit_fd, int type, const char *pgname, const char *op, const char *name, unsigned int id, const char *new_seuser, const char *new_role, const char *new_range, const char *old_seuser, const char *old_role, const char *old_range, const char *host, const char *addr, const char *tty, int result)


This function will log a message to the audit system using a predefined message format. It should be used for all SE linux user and role manipulation operations. The function parameters are as follows:

audit_fd - The fd returned by audit_open
type - type of message: AUDIT_USER_ROLE_CHANGE for changing any SE Linux user or role attributes.
pgname - program’s name
op - operation. "adding user", "changing finger info", "deleting group"
name - user’s account or group name. If not available use NULL.
id - uid or gid that the operation is being performed on. This is used only when user is NULL.
new_seuser - the new seuser that the login user is getting
new_role - the new_role that the login user is getting
new_range - the new mls range that the login user is getting
old_seuser - the old seuser that the login usr had
old_role - the old role that the login user had
old_range - the old mls range that the login usr had
host - The hostname if known
addr - The network address of the user
tty - The tty of the user
result - 1 is "success" and 0 is "failed"


It returns the sequence number which is > 0 on success or <= 0 on error.


This function returns -1 on failure. Examine errno for more info.


audit_log_user_message(3), audit_log_acct_message(3), audit_log_user_avc_message(3), audit_log_user_comm_message(3).


Steve Grubb

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