bonobo-activation-server - GNOME component tracker


   This  application  tracks  information  about  installed components and
   brokers components, in conjunction with its client library;  libbonobo-

   It        reads       the       component       descriptions       from
   ${prefix}/lib/bonobo/servers/*.server.   These  files  provide  an  XML
   description  of  a  components  capabilities  which  can be queried and
   manipulated by clients from the client library.

   Bonobo-activation-server  also  ensures  that  the  minimum  neccessary
   number of servers for your display setup are running.

   Bonobo-activation-server  executes  all components with the environment
   inherited from the first process to start the server.  In  addition  to
   using  your  prefix, it will examine the BONOBO_ACTIVATION_PATH and the
   GNOME2_PATH environment variables to find .server files.

   In   addition   it   examines   an   XML    configuration    file    in

   For more information see

                                               Bonobo Activation Server(1)

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