afs_syscall,  break,  fattach,  fdetach,  ftime, getmsg, getpmsg, gtty,
   isastream,  lock,  madvise1,  mpx,  prof,  profil,   putmsg,   putpmsg,
   security, stty, tuxcall, ulimit, vserver - unimplemented system calls


   Unimplemented system calls.


   These system calls are not implemented in the Linux kernel.


   These system calls always return -1 and set errno to ENOSYS.


   Note that ftime(3), profil(3), and ulimit(3) are implemented as library

   Some  system   calls,   like   alloc_hugepages(2),   free_hugepages(2),
   ioperm(2), iopl(2), and vm86(2) exist only on certain architectures.

   Some  system  calls, like ipc(2), create_module(2), init_module(2), and
   delete_module(2) exist only  when  the  Linux  kernel  was  built  with
   support for them.




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   description of the project, information about reporting bugs,  and  the
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