dumpe2fs - dump ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem information


   dumpe2fs   [   -bfghixV   ]   [   -o   superblock=superblock   ]  [  -o
   blocksize=blocksize ] device


   dumpe2fs prints the super block and blocks group  information  for  the
   filesystem present on device.

   Note:  When used with a mounted filesystem, the printed information may
   be old or inconsistent.


   -b     print the blocks which are reserved as bad in the filesystem.

   -o superblock=superblock
          use the block superblock when examining  the  filesystem.   This
          option  is  not usually needed except by a filesystem wizard who
          is examining the remains of a very badly corrupted filesystem.

   -o blocksize=blocksize
          use blocks of blocksize bytes  when  examining  the  filesystem.
          This  option is not usually needed except by a filesystem wizard
          who  is  examining  the  remains  of  a  very  badly   corrupted

   -f     force  dumpe2fs  to display a filesystem even though it may have
          some filesystem feature flags which dumpe2fs may not  understand
          (and which can cause some of dumpe2fs's display to be suspect).

   -g     display  the  group descriptor information in a machine readable
          colon-separated value format.   The  fields  displayed  are  the
          group  number;  the  number of the first block in the group; the
          superblock location (or -1 if not present); the range of  blocks
          used  by the group descriptors (or -1 if not present); the block
          bitmap location; the inode bitmap location;  and  the  range  of
          blocks used by the inode table.

   -h     only display the superblock information and not any of the block
          group descriptor detail information.

   -i     display the filesystem  data  from  an  image  file  created  by
          e2image, using device as the pathname to the image file.

   -x     print   the   detailed   group   information  block  numbers  in
          hexadecimal format

   -V     print the version number of dumpe2fs and exit.


   You need to know the physical filesystem structure  to  understand  the


   dumpe2fs  was  written  by  Remy  Card  <Remy.Card@linux.org>.   It  is
   currently being maintained by Theodore Ts'o <tytso@alum.mit.edu>.


   dumpe2fs is part  of  the  e2fsprogs  package  and  is  available  from


   e2fsck(8), mke2fs(8), tune2fs(8).  ext4(5)

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