iptables-save --- dump iptables rules to stdout

   ip6tables-save --- dump iptables rules to stdout


   iptables-save [-M modprobe] [-c] [-t table]

   ip6tables-save [-M modprobe] [-c] [-t table]


   iptables-save and ip6tables-save are used to dump the contents of IP or
   IPv6 Table in easily parseable format to  STDOUT.  Use  I/O-redirection
   provided by your shell to write to a file.

   -M, --modprobe modprobe_program
          Specify  the path to the modprobe program. By default, iptables-
          save will inspect  /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe  to  determine  the
          executable's path.

   -c, --counters
          include  the  current  values of all packet and byte counters in
          the output

   -t, --table tablename
          restrict output to only one  table.  If  not  specified,  output
          includes all available tables.


   None known as of iptables-1.2.1 release


   Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>
   Rusty Russell <rusty@rustcorp.com.au>
   Andras Kis-Szabo <kisza@sch.bme.hu> contributed ip6tables-save.


   iptables-apply(8),iptables-restore(8), iptables(8)

   The  iptables-HOWTO,  which details more iptables usage, the NAT-HOWTO,
   which details NAT, and the netfilter-hacking-HOWTO  which  details  the

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