iptables-xml --- Convert iptables-save format to XML


   iptables-xml [-c] [-v]


   iptables-xml  is  used  to  convert the output of iptables-save into an
   easily  manipulatable  XML  format  to  STDOUT.   Use   I/O-redirection
   provided by your shell to write to a file.

   -c, --combine
          combine  consecutive  rules  with the same matches but different
          targets. iptables does  not  currently  support  more  than  one
          target  per  match,  so  this  simulates  that by collecting the
          targets from consecutive iptables rules into one action tag, but
          only  when  the  rule matches are identical. Terminating actions
          like RETURN, DROP,  ACCEPT  and  QUEUE  are  not  combined  with
          subsequent targets.

   -v, --verbose
          Output  xml comments containing the iptables line from which the
          XML is derived

   iptables-xml does a mechanistic conversion to  a  very  expressive  xml
   format;  the  only semantic considerations are for -g and -j targets in
   order to discriminate between <call> <goto> and <nane-of-target> as  it
   helps  xml processing scripts if they can tell the difference between a
   target like SNAT and another chain.

   Some sample output is:

     <table name="mangle">
       <chain name="PREROUTING" policy="ACCEPT" packet-count="63436" byte-
     </table> </iptables-rules>

   Conversion  from  XML  to  iptables-save  format  may be done using the
   iptables.xslt  script  and  xsltproc,  or  a   custom   program   using
   libxsltproc or similar; in this fashion:

   xsltproc iptables.xslt my-iptables.xml | iptables-restore


   None known as of iptables-1.3.7 release


   Sam Liddicott <azez@ufomechanic.net>


   iptables-save(8), iptables-restore(8), iptables(8)

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