irexec - run programs with one button press


   irexec [options] [config_file]


   irexec  executes  commands  on  an IR signal decoded by lircd, the LIRC
   daemon. It uses an lircrc config file where the  config =  entries  are
   executed. E. g., given the following config file snippet
           prog   = irexec
           button = KEY_RED
           config = echo "KEY_RED"

   irexec  will echo KEY_RED on the terminal when the corresponding button
   is pushed on a remote.  The  command  is  an  arbitrary  shell  command
   executed asynchronously - irexec does not wait for it to complete.


       lircrc  configuration  file.  irexec  only uses entries with prog =
       irexec. The path defaults to ~/.config/lircrc.


   -h, --help
       Display usage summary

   -v, --version
       Display version

   -d, --daemon
       Make irexec fork to background. In this case a config  file  should
       be  given  on  the command line as irexec won't be able to find any
       home directory.

   -D, --loglevel [level]
       Determine the amount of  logging  information.  [level]  can  be  a
       symbolic  syslog level: error, warning, info, notice or debug. lirc
       also defines three additional levels trace, trace and trace2  which
       gives  even  more  messages (trace2 bringing the most). However, in
       the log these messages are marked as debug. By default, no  logging
       is done.

   -n, --name <name>
       Use  this  program name instead of the default irexec as identifier
       in the lircd.conf file.


       Path  to  the  lircd  socket  irexec  reads   from,   defaults   to


       Default config file

       Config file used by the systemd irexec service.

       Debug   log.   Setting   the  XDG_CACHE_HOME  environment  variable
       relocates this file to $XDG_CACHE_HOME/irexec.log


   For versions up to 0.9.1  irexec  used  to   wait  until  the  executed
   program  terminated. Old configuration files thus often includes a  '&'
   appended to the command string to avoid being  stuck  in  the  command.
   This   is  not  required  in  0.9.2+  which  cannot  wait  for  command

   irexec should run as  a  service.  The  contrib  directory  contains  a
   .desktop  file  which  could be dropped in ~/.local/autostart. Doing so
   creates a service which can be handled by regular desktop tools such as
   gnome-tweak-tool  on all major desktops. If running restricted commands
   such as powering off the machine is required, sudo(8) can  be  used  to
   allow regular users to run such commands.

   An  alternative is to use the irexec.service systemd service which runs
   as root (and can run in parallel with the desktop service).  Running as
   root  has severe security implications.  See the Configuration Guide in
   the html documentation.


       The lircrc configuration file.

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