manpath - determine search path for manual pages


   manpath [-qgdc?V] [-m system[,...]] [-C file]


   If  $MANPATH is set, manpath will simply display its contents and issue
   a warning.  If not, manpath  will  determine  a  suitable  manual  page
   hierarchy search path and display the results.

   The  colon-delimited  path  is determined using information gained from
   the man-db configuration file - (/etc/manpath.config)  and  the  user's


   -q, --quiet
          Do not issue warnings.

   -d, --debug
          Print debugging information.

   -c, --catpath
          Produce  a catpath as opposed to a manpath.  Once the manpath is
          determined, each path  element  is  converted  to  its  relative

   -g, --global
          Produce  a  manpath  consisting  of  all paths named as `global'
          within the man-db configuration file.

   -m system[,...], --systems=system[,...]
          If this system has access to  other  operating  system's  manual
          hierarchies,  this  option  can  be  used to include them in the
          output of manpath.  To include NewOS's manual  page  hierarchies
          use the option -m NewOS.

          The  system  specified  can  be a combination of comma delimited
          operating  system  names.   To  include  the  native   operating
          system's  manual  page  hierarchies, the system name man must be
          included in the argument string.  This option will override  the
          $SYSTEM environment variable.

   -C file, --config-file=file
          Use  this  user  configuration  file  rather than the default of

   -?, --help
          Print a help message and exit.

          Print a short usage message and exit.

   -V, --version
          Display version information.


          If $MANPATH is set,  manpath  displays  its  value  rather  than
          determining  it on the fly.  If $MANPATH is prefixed by a colon,
          then  the  value  of  the  variable  is  appended  to  the  list
          determined  from the content of the configuration files.  If the
          colon comes at the end of the value in the  variable,  then  the
          determined  list is appended to the content of the variable.  If
          the value of the variable contains a double colon (::), then the
          determined  list is inserted in the middle of the value, between
          the two colons.

   SYSTEM If $SYSTEM is set, it will have the same effect  as  if  it  had
          been specified as the argument to the -m option.


   /etc/manpath.config  man-db configuration file.


   apropos(1), man(1), whatis(1)


   Wilf. (
   Fabrizio Polacco (
   Colin Watson (

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