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   The Perl 5 to-do list is maintained in the git repository, and can be
   viewed at

   (The to-do list used to be here in perltodo. That has stopped, as
   installing a snapshot that becomes increasingly out of date isn't that
   useful to anyone.)

More Linux Commands

SDL_ListModes(3) - Returns a pointer to an array of availabl
Return a pointer to an array of available screen dimensions for the given format and video flags, sorted largest to smallest. Returns NULL if there are no dimen

TIFFstrip(3tiff) - strip-related utility routines (ManPage)
TIFFDefaultStripSize returns the number of rows for a reasonable-sized strip according to the current settings of the ImageWidth, BitsPerSample, SamplesPerPixel

keyctl_set_timeout(3) - Set the expiration timer on a key...
keyctl_set_timeout() sets the expiration timer on a key to timeout seconds into the future. Setting timeout to zero cancels the expiration, assuming the key has

TIFFswab(3tiff) - byte- and bit-swapping routines (ManPage)
The following routines are used by the library to swap 16- and 32-bit data and to reverse the order of bits in bytes. TIFFSwabShort and TIFFSwabLong swap the by

ldap_compare_ext_s(3) - Perform an LDAP compare operation.
The ldap_compare_ext_s() routine is used to perform an LDAP compare operation synchronously. It takes dn, the DN of the entry upon which to perform the compare,

tftpd(8) - Trivial File Transfer Protocol server (Man Page)
tftpd is a server for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol. The TFTP protocol is extensively used to support remote booting of diskless devices. The server is nor

tsget(1ssl) Time Stamping HTTP HTTPS client - Linux man page
The tsget command can be used for sending a time stamp request, as specified in RFC 3161 , to a time stamp server over HTTP or HTTPS and storing the time stamp

puts(3) - output of characters and strings - Linux man page
fputc() writes the character c, cast to an unsigned char, to stream. fputs() writes the string s to stream, without its terminating null byte (\0). putc() is eq

XtGetActionKeysym(3) - obtain corresponding keysym (ManPage)
If XtGetActionKeysym is called after an action procedure has been invoked by the Intrinsics and before that action procedure returns, and if the event pointer h

Tcl_GetCommandName(3) - implement new commands in C.........
Tcl_CreateObjCommand defines a new command in interp and associates it with procedure proc such that whenever name is invoked as a Tcl command (e.g., via a call

form_field_opts(3form) - set and get field options (ManPage)
The function set_field_opts sets all the given fields option bits (field option bits may be logically-ORed together). The function field_opts_on turns on the gi

Env(3pm) - perl module that imports environment variables as
Perl maintains environment variables in a special hash named %ENV. For when this access method is inconvenient, the Perl module Env allows environment variables

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