plainrsa-gen --- generator for Plain RSA keys


     plainrsa-gen [-b bits] [-e pubexp] [-f outfile] [-h]


     plainrsa-gen can be used to generate Plain RSA keys for authentication
     purposes.  Using Plain RSA keys is optional.  Other possibilities are
     Pre-shared keys or X.509 certificates.

     -b bits
         bit length of the key.  Default is 1024, recommended length is
         2048 or even 4096 bits.  Note that generating longer keys takes
         longer time.

     -e pubexp
         value of RSA public exponent.  Default is 0x3.  Don't change this
         unless you really know what you are doing!

     -f outfile
         outfile instead of stdout.  If the file already exists it won't
         be overwritten.  You wouldn't like to lose your private key by
         accident, would you?


     This is the secret private key that should never leave your computer:

     : RSA   {
         # RSA 1024 bits
         # pubkey=0sAQOrWlcwbAIdNSMhDt...
         Modulus: 0xab5a57306c021d3523...
         PublicExponent: 0x03
         PrivateExponent: 0x723c3a2048...
         Prime1: 0xd309b30e6adf9d85c01...
         Prime2: 0xcfdc2a8aa5b2b3c90e3...
         Exponent1: 0x8cb122099c9513ae...
         Exponent2: 0x8a92c7071921cd30...
         Coefficient: 0x722751305eafe9...

     The line pubkey=0sAQOrW... of the private key contains a public key that
     should be stored in the other peer's configuration in this format:

     : PUB 0sAQOrWlcwbAIdNSMhDt...

     You can also specify from and to addresses for which the key is valid: : PUB 0sAQOrWlcwbAIdNSMhDt...


     racoon.conf(5), racoon(8)


     plainrsa-gen was written by Michal Ludvig and first
     appeared in ipsec-tools 0.4.

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