NAME − script for adding and removing SCSI devices without rebooting

SYNOPSIS [options] [host [host ...]]


−a, −−alltargets

scan all targets, not just currently existing [default: disabled]


enable debug [default: 0]


activates scanning for LUNs 0−−7 [default: 0]


activates scanning for LUNs 0−−NUM [default: 0]

−w, −−wide

scan for target device IDs 0−−15 [default: 0−−7]


enables scanning of channels 0 1 [default: 0 / all detected ones]

−r, −−remove

enables removing of devices [default: disabled]

−f, −−flush

flush failed multipath devices [default: disabled]

−i, −−issue−lip

issue a FibreChannel LIP reset [default: disabled]

−u, −−update

look for existing disks that have been remapped

−s, −−resize

look for resized disks and reload associated multipath devices, if applicable


rescan existing devices


remove and readd every device (DANGEROUS)


don’t stop looking for LUNs is 0 is not found


use coloured prefixes OLD/NEW/DEL


scan only host(s) in LIST


scan only channel(s) in LIST


scan only target ID(s) in LIST


scan only lun(s) in LIST

−−sync, −−nosync

issue a sync / no sync [default: sync if remove]


tell kernel to attach sg to LUN 0 that reports PQ=3


tell kernel to try REPORT_LUN even on SCSI2 devices


tell kernel to support LUNs > 7 even on SCSI2 devs


tell kernel to support sparse LUN numbering

Host numbers may thus be specified either directly on cmd line (deprecated) or or with the −−hosts=LIST parameter (recommended).

LIST: A[−B][,C[−D]]... is a comma separated list of single values and ranges (No spaces allowed.)

SEE ALSO Homepage:

sg3_utils Homepage:

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