zmore - file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text


   zmore [ name ...  ]


   Zmore  is a filter which allows examination of compressed or plain text
   files one screenful at a time on a soft-copy terminal.  zmore works  on
   files  compressed with compress, pack or gzip, and also on uncompressed
   files.  If a file does not exist, zmore looks for a file  of  the  same
   name with the addition of a .gz, .z or .Z suffix.

   Zmore  normally  pauses  after each screenful, printing --More-- at the
   bottom of the screen.  If the user then types a  carriage  return,  one
   more line is displayed.  If the user hits a space, another screenful is
   displayed.  Other possibilities are enumerated later.

   Zmore  looks  in  the   file   /etc/termcap   to   determine   terminal
   characteristics,  and  to  determine  the  default  window  size.  On a
   terminal capable of displaying 24 lines, the default window size is  22
   lines.   To  use  a  pager other than the default more, set environment
   variable PAGER to the name of the desired program, such as less.

   Other sequences which  may  be  typed  when  zmore  pauses,  and  their
   effects,  are as follows (i is an optional integer argument, defaulting
   to 1) :

          display i more lines, (or another screenful if  no  argument  is

   ^D     display  11  more lines (a ``scroll'').  If i is given, then the
          scroll size is set to i.

   d      same as ^D (control-D)

   iz     same as typing a space except that i, if  present,  becomes  the
          new window size.

   is     skip i lines and print a screenful of lines

   if     skip i screenfuls and print a screenful of lines

   q or Q Quit.

   =      Display the current line number.

   i/expr search  for  the i-th occurrence of the regular expression expr.
          The user's erase and kill characters may be  used  to  edit  the
          regular  expression.  Erasing back past the first column cancels
          the search command.

   in     search for the i-th occurrence of the  last  regular  expression

          invoke  a shell with command.  The character `!' in "command" is
          replaced with the previous shell command.  The sequence "\!"  is
          replaced by "!".

   :q or :Q
          Quit (same as q or Q).

   .      (dot) repeat the previous command.

   The commands take effect immediately, i.e., it is not necessary to type
   a carriage return.  Up to the time when the command character itself is
   given, the user may hit the line kill character to cancel the numerical
   argument being formed.   In  addition,  the  user  may  hit  the  erase
   character to redisplay the --More-- message.

   At any time when output is being sent to the terminal, the user can hit
   the quit key (normally control-\).  Zmore will stop sending output, and
   will display the usual --More-- prompt.  The user may then enter one of
   the above commands in the normal manner.  Unfortunately, some output is
   lost  when this is done, due to the fact that any characters waiting in
   the terminal's output queue are flushed when the quit signal occurs.

   The terminal is set to noecho mode by this program so that  the  output
   can  be continuous.  What you type will thus not show on your terminal,
   except for the / and !  commands.

   If the standard output is not a teletype, then  zmore  acts  just  like
   zcat, except that a header is printed before each file if there is more
   than one file.


          Terminal data base


   more(1), gzip(1), zdiff(1), zgrep(1), znew(1), zforce(1), gzexe(1)


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