411toppm - convert Sony Mavica .411 image to ppm


   411toppm [-width width] [-height height] [411file]

   All options may be abbreviated to the shortest unique prefix.


   Reads a .411 file, such as from a Sony Mavic camera, and converts it to
   a PPM image as output.

   Output is to Standard Output.

   The originator of this program and decipherer of the .411 format, Steve
   Allen  <sla@alumni.caltech.edu>,  has  this to say about the utility of
   this program: "There's so little image in a 64x48 thumbnail (especially
   when you have the full size JPG file) that the only point in doing this
   was to answer the implicit challenge posed by the manual  stating  that
   only the camera can use these files."


   -width The  width  (number  of columns) of the input image.  Default is

          The height (number of rows) of the input image.  Default is 48.



                             03 March 2001                     411toppm(1)

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