e2freefrag - report free space fragmentation information


   e2freefrag [ -c chunk_kb ] [ -h ] filesys


   e2freefrag  is used to report free space fragmentation on ext2/3/4 file
   systems.  filesys is  the  filesystem  device  name  (e.g.   /dev/hdc1,
   /dev/md0).    The   e2freefrag  program  will  scan  the  block  bitmap
   information to check how many free blocks are present as contiguous and
   aligned  free  space.  The percentage of contiguous free blocks of size
   and  of  alignment  chunk_kb  is  reported.   It  also   displays   the
   minimum/maximum/average free chunk size in the filesystem, along with a
   histogram of all free chunks.  This information can be  used  to  gauge
   the level of free space fragmentation in the filesystem.


   -c chunk_kb
          If  a  chunk  size  is specified, then e2freefrag will print how
          many free chunks of size chunk_kb  are  available  in  units  of
          kilobytes  (Kb).   The  chunk size must be a power of two and be
          larger than filesystem block size.

   -h     Print the usage of the program.


   # e2freefrag /dev/vgroot/lvhome
   Device: /dev/vgroot/lvhome
   Blocksize: 4096 bytes
   Total blocks: 1504085
   Free blocks: 292995 (19.5%)

   Min. free extent: 4 KB
   Max. free extent: 24008 KB
   Avg. free extent: 252 KB

   Extent Size Range :   Free extents   Free Blocks  Percent
       4K...    8K- :           704           704     0.2%
       8K...   16K- :           810          1979     0.7%
      16K...   32K- :           843          4467     1.5%
      32K...   64K- :           579          6263     2.1%
      64K...  128K- :           493         11067     3.8%
     128K...  256K- :           394         18097     6.2%
     256K...  512K- :           281         25477     8.7%
     512K... 1024K- :           253         44914    15.3%
       1M...    2M- :           143         51897    17.7%
       2M...    4M- :            73         50683    17.3%
       4M...    8M- :            37         52417    17.9%
       8M...   16M- :             7         19028     6.5%
      16M...   32M- :             1          6002     2.0%


   This version of e2freefrag was written by Rupesh Thakare, and  modified
   by Andreas Dilger <adilger@sun.com>, and Kalpak Shah.


   debugfs(8), dumpe2fs(8), e2fsck(8)

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