jpgicc - little cms ICC profile applier for JPEG.


   jpgicc [options] input.jpg output.jpg


   lcms is a standalone CMM engine, which deals with the color management.
   It implements a fast transformation between ICC profiles.  jpgicc is  a
   little cms ICC profile applier for JPEG.


   -b     Black point compensation.

   -c NUM Precalculates  transform  (0=Off,  1=Normal,  2=Hi-res, 3=LoRes)
          [defaults to 1].

   -d NUM Observer adaptation state (abs.col. only), (0..1.0, float value)
          [defaults to 0.0].

   -e     Embed destination profile.

   -g     Marks out-of-gamut colors on softproof.

   -h NUM Show  summary  of  options  and  examples  (0=help,  1=Examples,
          2=Built-in profiles, 3=Contact information)

   -i profile
          Input profile (defaults to sRGB).

   -l link
          TODO: explain this option.

   -m NUM SoftProof intent (0,1,2,3) [defaults to 0].

   -n     Ignore embedded profile.

   -o profile
          Output profile (defaults to sRGB).

   -p profile
          Soft proof profile.

   -q NUM Output JPEG quality, (0..100) [defaults to 75].

   -s newprofile
          Save embedded profile as newprofile.

   -t NUM Rendering intent
          0=Perceptual [default]
          1=Relative colorimetric
          3=Absolute colorimetric
          10=Perceptual preserving black ink
          11=Relative colorimetric preserving black ink
          12=Saturation preserving black ink
          13=Perceptual preserving black plane
          14=Relative colorimetric preserving black plane
          15=Saturation preserving black plane

   -v     Verbose.

          Out-of-gamut   marker   channel   values   (r,g,b)    [defaults:


        *Lab2  -- D50-based v2 CIEL*a*b
        *Lab4  -- D50-based v4 CIEL*a*b
        *Lab   -- D50-based v4 CIEL*a*b
        *XYZ   -- CIE XYZ (PCS)
        *sRGB  -- sRGB color space
        *Gray22 - Monochrome of Gamma 2.2
        *Gray30 - Monochrome of Gamma 3.0
        *null   - Monochrome black for all input
        *Lin2222- CMYK linearization of gamma 2.2 on each channel


   To color correct from scanner to sRGB:
        jpgicc -iscanner.icm in.jpg out.jpg

   To convert from monitor1 to monitor2:
        jpgicc -imon1.icm -omon2.icm in.jpg out.jpg

   To make a CMYK separation:
        jpgicc -oprinter.icm inrgb.jpg outcmyk.jpg

   To recover sRGB from a CMYK separation:
        jpgicc -iprinter.icm incmyk.jpg outrgb.jpg

   To convert from CIELab ITU/Fax JPEG to sRGB
        jpgicc -iitufax.icm in.jpg out.jpg

   To convert from CIELab ITU/Fax JPEG to sRGB
        jpgicc in.jpg out.jpg


   For   suggestions,   comments,   bug   reports   etc.   send   mail  to


   linkicc(1), psicc(1), tificc(1), transicc(1)


   This manual page was written by Shiju p. Nair <>,  for
   the Debian project.

                          September 30, 2004                     JPGICC(1)

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