podofogc - Garbage collection in a PDF file.


   podofogc  [inputfile] [outpufile]


   podofogc  is one of the command line tools from the PoDoFo library that
   provide several useful operations  to  work  with  PDF  files.  It  can
   perform  a garbage collection operation on a PDF file. All objects that
   are not reachable from within the trailer are deleted.


   podofobox(1),   podofocolor(1),   podofocountpages(1),   podofocrop(1),
   podofoencrypt(1),         podofoimg2pdf(1),        podofoimgextract(1),
   podofoimpose(1),      podofomerge(1),      podofoincrementalupdates(1),
   podofopages(1),           podofopdfinfo(1),           podofotxt2pdf(1),
   podofotxtextract(1), podofouncompress(1), podofoxmp(1)


   PoDoFo is written by Dominik Seichter <domseichter@web.de> and others.

   This manual page was written by Oleksandr Moskalenko <malex@debian.org>
   for the Debian Project (but may be used by others).

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