radattr.so - RADIUS utility plugin for pppd(8)


   pppd [ options ] plugin radius.so plugin radattr.so


   The  radattr  plugin  for pppd causes all radius attributes returned by
   the RADIUS server at authentication time  to  be  stored  in  the  file
   /var/run/radattr.pppN where pppN is the name of the PPP interface.  The
   RADIUS attributes are stored one per line in the format "Attribute-Name
   Attribute-Value".   This format is convenient for use in /etc/ppp/ip-up
   and /etc/ppp/ip-down scripts.

   Note that you  must  load  the  radius.so  plugin  before  loading  the
   radattr.so plugin; radattr.so depends on symbols defined in radius.so.


   To use the plugin, simply supply the plugin radius.so plugin radattr.so
   options to pppd.


   pppd(8) pppd-radius(8)


   David F. Skoll <dfs@roaringpenguin.com>


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