sane-kvs20xx  -  SANE  backend  for  Panasonic  KV-S20xxC  USB/SCSI ADF


   The sane-kvs20xx library implements a SANE (Scanner  Access  Now  Easy)
   backend  which provides access to the Panasonic KV-S202xC and KV-S204xC


   This document was written by the SANE project, which has no information
   regarding   the   capabilities  or  reliability  of  the  backend.  All
   information contained here is suspect.


   The backend was written by Panasonic Russia Ltd.

   The backend was ported to sane-backends 1.0.22 and downgraded to C89 by
   m. allan noah.


   sane(7), sane-usb(5), sane-scsi(5)


   m. allan noah: <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>

                              09 Jun 2010                  sane-kvs20xx(5)

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