screendump - dump the contents of a virtual console to stdout


   screendump [ N ]


   The  screendump  command  dumps the contents of virtual console N , (or
   the current console if N is omitted) to standard out.

   Just saying
          cat /dev/vcsN
   has a similar effect.


   For security reasons, screendump uses linux  devices  "virtual  console
   screen" and "virtual console screen with attributes" to give access for

   Ensure these files exist, using

          cd /dev for i in 0 1 2 3 ...; do
               mknod vcs$i c 7 $i
               mknod vcsa$i c 7 `expr 128 + $i`

   (filling in  the  ellipses)  and  give  the  device  files  appropriate
   permissions, or run screendump as root.



                              2002-02-24                     SCREENDUMP(1)

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