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And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this [is] the first commandment.
Mark 12:30

216 Bible Stories

Abigails Sensible Advice
Abrahams Loyalty To God
Abraham, The Friend Of God And Man
A Brave Knight
A Broken-hearted Father
Absalom The Ungrateful Son
A Call To Praise God
Ahab The Thief
A Kings Strange Dream
A Prayer For Forgiveness
A Prayer Of Trust
A Prisoner Who Became A Mighty Ruler
A Prisoner Who Preached To His Judges
A Prophet Who Saved A Great City
A Rich Man Who Was A Thief
A Ruler Who Wronged His People
A Shepherd Boy Who Was Called To Lead A Nation
A Slave Girl Who Helped Her Master
A Soldier Who Spared His Enemy
A Strong Man Who Lost His Strength
A Young Mans Wise Choice
A Young Man Who Said, Send Me
Being Generous And Loving
Building A Great Temple
Cain And His Brother Abel
Crossing The River Jordan
Daniel In The Lions Den
Davids Kindness To Jonathans Son
Davids Victory Over The Giant
Different Ways Of Using Talents
Elijah And The Widows Son
Elisha Healing The Sick Boy
Elishas Way Of Treating Enemies
Gideons Brave Band
Giving Life To A Widows Son
God From Whom All Good Things Come
God Our Refuge
Gods Care For The Boy Ishmael
Gods Care For Those Who Try To Do Right
Gods Commands To The People
Gods Good Gifts To Man
Gods Goodness And Mercy
Gods Love Even For Sinners
Gods Loving Care
Gods Low Whisper
Gods Protection Of Those Who Trust In Him
Gods Readiness To Answer Prayer
God The All-seeing
God The Loving Creator
God The Loving Father
God Who Always Watches Over His People
God Who Protects From All Danger
Healing The Man At The Pool
How Jacob Deceived His Father
How Rebekah Became The Wife Of Isaac
How Samuel Found A Leader
How Solomon Became The Ruler Of Israel
How To Honor Your Parents
How To Pray
How To Use Money
Jacobs Dream
Jephthahs Foolish Promise
Jeremiahs Call To Do A Hard Task
Jeremiahs Courage In Danger
Jerusalem Made The Capital City
Jesus Brings Lazarus Back To Life
Jesus Calls Together His Friends And Helpers
Jesus Calms The Storm
Jesus Condemns Those Who Pretend To Be Good
Jesus Conquers Death
Jesus Cures A Blind Man
Jesus Cures A Man Who Cannot Walk
Jesus Decides How He Will Do His Work
Jesus Eats The Last Supper With His Disciples
Jesus Encourages His Friends And Helpers
Jesus Feeds The Hungry
Jesus Fights Wrong In The Temple
Jesus Finds Joy In All His Work
Jesus Gives His Last Commands To His Helpers
Jesus Heals A Little Girl
Jesus Heals The Sick
Jesus In The Hands Of His Enemies
Jesus Is Born At Bethlehem
Jesus Is Crucified By His Enemies
Jesus Is Gladly Welcomed By The People
Jesus Is Glorified
Jesus Is Kind To A Stranger
Jesus Is Seized By The Mob
Jesus Makes An Heroic Choice
Jesus Makes Even Wrong-doers His Friends
Jesus Makes The Wicked Zaccheus His Friend
Jonathans Brave Deed
Jesus Praises A Woman Who Gave Her Best
Jesus Praises John The Baptist
Jesus Sends Out The First Missionaries
Jesus Talks With A Samaritan Woman
Jesus Tells How One May Become Great
Jesus Tells What He Came To Do
Jesus Tells What It Means To Be Clean
Jesus Visits His Old Home
Jesus Walks And Talks With Two Of His Disciples
Jesus Warns His Disciples
Jesus Wins Devoted Friends
John The Baptist Tells Of Jesus Work
Jonah The Narrow-minded Patriot
Jonathans Love For David
Josephs Eagerness To Help Others
Josephs Forgiveness Of His Brothers
Josephs Loyalty To His Family
Joseph Sold As A Slave By His Brothers
Lots Escape From A Wicked City
Making The Best Of Trouble
Mans Place In Gods World
Meeting A Brother Who Had Been Wronged
Micaiahs Courage In Telling The Truth
Nehemiahs Answer To A Call For Help
Noah And The Great Flood
Our Duties To God And Man
Overcoming Great Difficulties
Paul And Barnabas In Foreign Lands
Paul And Silas In Macedonia
Pauls Great Speech At Athens
Pauls Last Journey To Jerusalem
Pauls Last Words To His Friends
Pauls Narrow Escape From Death
Pauls Shipwreck
Pauls Trials And Victories At Ephesus
Pauls Trip To Damascus
Pauls Work At Corinth
Paul Writes To His Friends At Thessalonica
Paul Writes To His Friends In Corinth
Paul Writes To The Christians At Rome
Peter And The Roman Officer
Peters Escape From Prison
Pharaoh The Stubborn Ruler
Philip And The Ethiopian
Queen Esthers Love For Her People
Rebuilding The Temple
Rehoboams Great Mistake
Right Eating And Drinking
Safety In Gods Care
Samson Who Did To Others As They Did To Him
Samuel The Boy Prophet
Sauls Mean Jealousy
Stephen The First Christian Martyr
The Ark Among The Philistines
The Boyhood And Training Of Moses
The Boy Jesus Asks Questions
The Boy Joash On The Throne Of Judah
The Capture Of Jericho And Ai
The Christian Church At Antioch
The Control Of The Temper
The Cost Of A Lie
The Cost Of Being Cruel And Stubborn
The Courage Of Four Captives
The Death Of Two Brave Warriors
The Deceiver Deceived
The Devotion Of Ruth
The End Of Ahabs Selfish Family
The End Of Pauls Long Journey
The Escape From Egypt
The First Disobedience
The Generosity Of The Early Christians
The Glory And Honor That Jesus Has Won
The Golden Rule
The Good Samaritan
The Handwriting On The Wall
The Healing Of The Lame Man At The Beautiful Gate
The Healing Of The Ten Lepers
The Importance Of Being Willing To Learn
The Importance Of Doing What Is Right
The Joy Of Worshipping God
The Kingdom Of God
The King Of Glory
The Last Words Of Moses
The Love That Makes Men Brothers
The Mantle Of Elijah
The Meaning Of Faith
The New Heaven On Earth
The New Life After Death
The People Who Are Really Happy
The Prophet Of Fire
The Report Of The Hebrew Spies
The Reward Of Doing Right
The Reward Of The Faithful
The Rewards For Following Jesus Teachings
The Rewards Of Listening To The Advice Of The Wise
The Rewards Of Modesty And Unselfishness
The Right Use Of The Tongue
The Sad Fate Of A Guilty Nation
The Story Of Creation
The Story Of Job
The Story Of The Tower Of Babel
The Test By Fire
The Testing Of Josephs Brothers
The Troubles Of Those Who Are Lazy
The Two Great Commandments
The United Song Of Praise
The Voice From The Bush
The Way To Be Well And Happy
The Way To Learn From Jesus
The Way To Treat Those Who Wrong Us
The Wedding At Cana
The Wise Men Bring Gifts To The Young Child
The Writing Of An Ancient Book
The Young Josiah And The Book Of The Law
Things That Are Better Than Riches
Trusting In Gods Care
Ways Of Showing Love
What God Asks Of Those Who Worship Him
What God Likes And Dislikes
What It Means To Be Modest
What Jesus Asks Of His Friends And Helpers
Why Paul Went To Macedonia
Why We Should Trust God
Women Who Saved A Nation