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6 Verses About Easy from 5 Books

1_Corinthians 14:9

So also you, unless you uttered by the tongue words easy to understand, how would it be known what is spoken? For you would be speaking into the air.

Epistle_of_Jeremiah 6:61

In the same way, the lightning, when it breaks forth, is easy to be seen; and in the same way the wind blows in every country.

Isaiah 34:7

The wild oxen will come down with them, and the young bulls with the mighty bulls; and their land will be drunken with blood, and their dust made greasy with fat.

Judith 4:7

charging them to hold the passages of the hill country; for through them there was an entrance into Judea, and it was easy to stop those who would come up, because the passage was narrow, for two men at the most.

Judith 7:10

For this people of the children of Israel do not trust in their spears, but in the height of the mountains where they dwell, for it is not easy to come up to the tops of their mountains.

Matthew 11:30

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."