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Want to know who other than Jesus walked the water? Want to know when Jesus wept or how to find the story of Samson? "Bible Search" makes it easy to find these stories and/or verses and more. Enter a keyword or list of keywords to return all bible verses that contain those keywords. The "About" page for each word contains every verse that contains that word in the bible.

For example; the search results for the word "play" will include only verses that include the word "play" seperated by either spaces or special characters. The words "plays", "playing" and "played" do not show up as matches.

In some cases searches for similar words will be shown on the same page but seperated. In these instances a pulldown "similar verses" will be present and will have links to the search results for the other words.

For example, the search for the word "law" includes the results for searching for the words "lawful", "Laws" and "Lawyer" under the "similar verses" pulldown.

URL Searches

It is possible to go directly to any verse in the bible by typing the URL for that verse.

Consider the following:
Following a book name such as Exodus.3.html with #3.2 to indicate the chapter and verse, will take you directly to the chapter and verse where the burning bush appears to Moses.

In each of the examples the first part of the URL is the location of the page:

The rest of the URL is the names of the book Exodus.3.html followed by "#" and the chapter and verse "3:2".

Follow the examples above replacing the name of the books and the chapter:verse to find any bible verse. All books names begin with a capital letter and where there are multiple books with the same name the name is followed with a - and the book number as in John-2.

Custom Search

The "Custom" search uses the database of frequently used words to search the pages on this website. The online bible and others pages of this site will be searched for the best match.