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  • Open Opportunity - Free and Open Source software provide unlimited potential for personal and community development. Use open source to build a career, establish a business or change the world. Learn why free software provides the greatest opportunity on the the planet today.

  • President Obama Knows Open Source - On January 20 2009, President Obama's first day in office, the Open Government initiative was issued to provide transparency and access to Government data. Learn how our Government is using open source and the opportunities this provides for you.

  • Free Online Bible - The Bible study website was developed using open source software. It provides the King James Bible online and search tools for Bible verses, people, keywords and concepts. It demonstrates the use of open source to create a functional application and service.

  • Harvard - MIT - Stanford - The open edX platform delivers free online courses from Harvard, MIT, Columbia, UC Berkeley and other top Universities. Hundreds of courses are available and include almost all major subject areas and course levels. Paid courses and certifications are also available.

  • Competitive Advantage - Goldman Sachs, IBM and countless large corporations are leveraging open source to reduce costs, develop products and increase their bottom lines. Learn what these companies think about open source and how open source can give you the competitive advantage.

  • 5 Billion Dollars of Free Software - The Linux Foundation released a report estimating the value of their open source projects at 5 billion. This software is yours for free. Governments and large corporations are using this incredible gift to their advantage every day. Learn how open source can benefit you.

  • Free Office Software - The Libre Office Suite is available for Linux or Windows and incldues, Writer, the word processor, Calc, the spreadsheet application, Impress, the presentation engine, Draw, our drawing and flowcharting application, Base, our database and database frontend, and Math for editing mathematics.


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What is Linux?

  • Linux is a computer operating system (OS) that is developed, assembled and distributed under the model of free and open-source software.

    The computer operating system is the computer program called the kernel. The kernel executes and manages the execution of other software programs, interfaces with the physical machine and manages I/O (input/output) requests from software.

    How is Linux Used

    Linux was originally developed as a free operating system for personal computers based on the Intel x86 architecture, but has since been ported to more computer hardware platforms than any other operating system.

    The Android system that is used for smartphones is built on top of the Linux kernel and has the largest installed base of all general-purpose operating systems.

    Linux is also the leading operating system on servers and large scale systems such as mainframe computers and supercomputers. Linux also works on some devices whose operating system is implemented in firmware. Examples of this include routers, video games, watches, television controllers, etc.

    "The development of Linux is one of the most prominent examples of free and open-source software collaboration. The underlying source code may be used, modified, distributed-commercially or non-commercially by anyone under licenses such as the GNU General Public License."

    What is a Distribution

    The Linux kernel is packaged with libraries, supporting utilities, applications and other programs (find, bash, etc) to form a distribution. The programs that make up a distribution may be focused on providing either a desktop or server environment. They may also focus on some specific aspect or capabilities for either desktop or servers.

    Anyone can create a distribution or a collection of Linux software for any use. Some of the most widely used Linux distributions are described below:



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Free Online Classes

  • EdX is an online learning community that provides high-quality content from leading universities, nonprofits and institutions. It was founded in 2012 by Harvard University and MIT with the mission of providing global access to free education. Today there are more than 80 global partners contributing and delivering courses via EdX.

    Open edX is the open-source platform that delivered more than 500 courses to the more than 4 million students in 2014. Courses include areas such as biology, college prep, computer science, Math, Physics, electronics, engineering, languages, marketing, history, psychology, writing, or professional education.

    Open EdX is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform. A MOOC is a web based online course that is designed to support open access and a large (massive) number of students. MOOCs provide standard course materials such as filmed lectures, readings, and testing but also utilize web based features such as online forums and support communities.

    In 2014, EdX had more than 4 million students taking more than 500 courses.



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"Free software is primarily a matter of liberty, not price: users, individually or collectively, are free to do whatever they want with it - this includes the freedom ... to sell it "


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