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World English Bible - The goal of producing the World English Bible was to create a public domain bible that would be understandable by English speakers world-wide. The bible is translated into modern English. The translation includes the Apocryphal books from the original (KJV). World English Bible.


The "About" pages assists the reader in finding what the bible says about specific ideas or people. The "About" page for each word contains every verse that contains that word in the bible.

For example; the search results for the word "play" will include only verses that include the word "play" seperated by either spaces or special characters. The words "plays", "playing" and "played" do not show up as matches.

In some cases searches for similar words will be shown on the same page but seperated. In these instances a pulldown "similar verses" will be present and will have links to the search results for the other words.

For example, the search for the word "law" includes the results for searching for the words "lawful", "Laws" and "Lawyer" under the "similar verses" pulldown.