optionPrintVersionAndReturn - Print the program version


   #include <your-opts.h>
   cc [...] -o outfile infile.c -lopts [...]

   void optionPrintVersionAndReturn(tOptions * opts, tOptDesc * od);


   This  routine  will  print  the version to stdout and return instead of
   exiting.  Please see the source for the print_ver funtion  for  details
   on selecting how verbose to be after this function returns.

   opts   program options descriptor

   od     the descriptor for this arg


   The info documentation for the -lopts library.
   ao_string_tokenize(3),       configFileLoad(3),      optionFileLoad(3),
   optionFindNextValue(3),       optionFindValue(3),        optionFree(3),
   optionGetValue(3),        optionLoadLine(3),       optionMemberList(3),
   optionNextValue(3),     optionOnlyUsage(3),      optionPrintVersion(3),
   optionProcess(3),          optionRestore(3),         optionSaveFile(3),
   optionSaveState(3),      optionUnloadNested(3),       optionVersion(3),
   strequate(3),      streqvcmp(3),      streqvmap(3),      strneqvcmp(3),

                              2016-10-30    optionPrintVersionAndReturn(3)

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