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Page 112 In the mean time being presented by the Atlantides with many rich Gifts, and decreeing to her (with a general Consent) many high Honours, she not only graciously accepted those Marks of their Kindness, but promis'd she would for the future endeavour to merit the good Opinion of the whole Nation.

Being therefore often infested by their envious Neighbours the Gorgans, Merina to gratifie the Atlantides (who address'd themselves to her for that purpose) with an Army invaded the Country of the Gorgons, where joining Battel with them, the Ingagement was smart, in which the Amazons got the day, and kill'd great numbers of their Enemies, and took Three Thousand Prisoners: The rest flying into Woods, Merina (designing utterly to root up the Nation) endeavour'd to set the Woods on Fire; but not being able to effect it, she return'd with her Army into the Confines of her own Country, where by reason of her late Victory, being secure and careless in setting her Watch, the Prisoners kill'd many of her Amazons with their own Swords as they were asleep; but at length being surrounded by the whole Army (fighting it out to the last) they were every Man kill'd upon the spot. Then Merina erected Three Funeral Piles, and burnt up all those of her Army that were slain, and rais'd up as many Mounts of Earth over them, which are at this day call'd the Amazon's Sepulchers.

The Gorgonians notwithstanding, were afterwards of great Power, till the Reign of Medusa, at which time they were conquer'd by Perseus. At length both they and the Amazons were utterly extinct by Hercules at the time when he travell'd into the Western Parts, and erected the Pillar in Africa. For it was a thing intollerable to him, who made it his business to be renown'd all the World over, to suffer any Nation to be govern'd any longer by Women.

It's reported likewise, that by an Earthquake, the Tract towards the Ocean, open'd its Mouth, and swallow'd up the whole Morass of Triton.

Merina likewise overran a great part of Africa, and passing into Egypt, made a League with Orus the Son of Isis, who then reign'd there. She made War also upon the Arabians, and destroy'd many of them: Afterwards having subdu'd Syria, the Cilicians met her with Presents, and submitted themselves; whom (upon the account they of their own accord, gave up all into her Hands) she by an Edict ordain'd to be a free People; and for that reason they are call'd the free Cilicians to this Day. Afterwards having conquer'd the Nations about Mount Taurus (who were both Men of strong Bodies, and stout Hearts) she descended through the greater Phrygia to the Sea; thence passing through the Maritime Tracts, she put an end to her Expedition at the River Caicus: Out of her new Conquests, she pickt out the most convenient Places for the building of Cities, and built many there, among others one after her own Name; the rest she call'd after the Names of the chief Commanders of her Army, as Cymes, Pitanes, and Prineia, situated upon the Sea-Coasts; others she built up higher into the Continent.

She possess'd her self likewise of several Islands, particularly Lesbos, where she built Mitylene, calling it after the Name of her Sister, who went along with her in the Expedition. Whilst she was busie in taking other Islands, she was endanger'd by a Storm at Sea, where offering up her Prayers to the Mother of the Gods for deliverance, she was driven upon a certain Desert Island, which she consecrated to the before-mention'd Goddess, being admonish'd so to do by a Dream; and there she erected Altars, and offered magnificent Sacrifices. This Island is call'd Samothracia, which according to the Greek Dialect signifies the Sacred Island. But there are some Historians that say, it was formerly call'd Samos; and from some Thracians that came to inhabit there, Samothracia. After that the Amazons were return'd into the Continent, they fabulously report, that the Mother of the Gods (being delighted with this Island) plac'd there her Sons, call'd the Corybantes. In the Records of their Sacred Mysteries, it's declar'd who was their Father; and she her self, (they say) taught them the Rites and Mysteries that are now in use in that Island, and instituted and appointed a Sacred Grove, and an inviolable Sanctuary.

About these times (they say) one Mompsus, a Thracian, banish'd by Lycurgus King of Thrace, with an Army invaded the Country of the Amazons: His Associate was one Sipylus, who was likewise Banish'd out of Scythia, bordering upon

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