The Library of History - Diodorus Siculus

Bibliotheca historica
The first five books


  • Chap. 1. OF the first Generation of Men. How the World first began. Mens first manner of Life, and who were the first Men. First Men in Egypt. Who were the most ancient Gods of Egypt. Of their Demi-Gods. Sol, Saturn, Rhea, Jupiter, Juno, Vulcan, reign'd in Egypt. Of Osiris and Isis. the Acts of Osiris and Isis. Hermes his Inventions. Osiris prepares for his Expedition through the World, and to that end raises a great Army. Page 1
  • Chap. 2. The Continuation of Osiris his Expedition through Ethiopia; all Arabia, India, and Europe: Bury'd by Isis and Mercury. How he was kill'd. His Death reveng'd by Isis and Orus. Two Bulls, Apis and Mnevis, worship'd in Egypt. Places discuss'd where Osiris and Isis were bury'd. Stories of the Egyptian Priests. Their Tears, Lunar Tears, Giants, Laws about Marriage. Osiris and Isis, their Pillars and Inscriptions. Colonies out of Egypt. 7
  • Chap. 3. The Description of Egypt. Of the Lake of Serbon. The Nature of the River Nile. The Cataracts. The Mouths of Nile. The Fruits of Egypt. The Beasts, Crecodile, &c. Several Opinions concerning the Inundation of Nile. 14
  • Chap. 4. The first way of Living of the Egyptians: Gods and Demi-Gods, their Reigns in Egypt. The ancient Kings of Egypt, Moenis, &c. Their several Works. Thebes built by Busitis. The stately Sepulchres, Obelisks, and Temples there. A Description of Osymanduas his Sepulchre. Memphis built by Uchoreus. Moeris his Lake. Sesostris or Sesoosis, his famous Expedition, and great Works. 22
  • Chap. 5. The Acts of Sesostris the Second: Of Ammosis, Actisan, Mendes, Proteus or Cetes, Remphis, Chemmis, (the great Pyramids built by him:) Cephres, Mycerinus Bocchoris, Sabach. The Reign of Twelve Kings in Egypt. Psammeticus Saites, one of the Kings, gain'd the whole; Two hundred thousand of his Army forsake him, and settle thmeselves in Ethiopia. Apries succeeds long after. Amasis rebels, and next succeeds; and Apries is strangled by the People. Amasis the last King, to the time of the Conquest of Egypt by Cambyses. 31
  • Chap. 6. The Customs of the Egyptians. Of their Kings: As their hourly Employment, Sacrifices, Diet, &c. Burials. Division of Egypt. Their Trades in Egypt. Courts of Justice; their Law-Proceedings. The several Laws of Egypt; Beasts and Birds ador'd as Gods in Egypt, as Lions, Wolves, Cats, the Bird Ibis, Kites, &c. Costs in their Burial of these Creatures. Reasons given of this Adoration. 36
  • Chap. 7. Why the Crocodile is worship'd? Some sorts of Herbs and Roots not eaten. Why other Creatures are worship'd? The manner of their Burials. The Law-makers in Egypt. Learned Men of Greece made Journeys into Egypt, as Orpheus, Homer, Plato, Solon, Pythagoras, &c. Several Proofs of this, as their Religious Rites, Fables, &c. in Greece of Egyptian Extraction. The exquisite Art of the Stone-Carvers in Egypt. Page 46

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