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The Library of History - Diodorus Siculus


  • Chap. 1. THE Preface. Artaxerxes Expedition against Evagoras in Cyprus. The Actions there at Sea and Land. The Lacedemonians begin new Quarrels in Greece. As first with Mantinea. Dionysius gives himself to Poetry. Peace concluded with Evagoras by Orontes the Persian General. Terabazus brought to his Trial. Judgment upon corrupt Judges. Terabazus acquitted. 409, 410
  • Chap. 2. Mantinea besieg'd by the Lacedemonians. Dionysius aims to gain the Islands of the Adriatick Sea. The Parii built Pharos. Dionysius his Expedition into Hetruria. Prepares for War against the Carthaginians. The Sicilians routed at Cronion. The Quarrel between the Clazomenians, and them of Cuma about Leuca. The War between Amyntas and the Olynthians. The Lacedemonians seize the Citadel. Cadmea at Thebes. Eudamidas breaks into the Olynthians Country. 414
  • Chap. 3. Polypidas sent General by the Lacedemonians against the Olynthians. A great Plague in Carthage. The Boetian War. Cadmea retaken. A Confederacy of the Cities against the Lacedemonians. Cleombrotus attempts to surprize the Pyreum at Athens. The Athenians seize Actea in Eubaea. Agesilaus enters Boetia. The Sea-fight at Naxus. 418
  • Chap. 4. The Treballians make Incursions into Thrace. Chabrias the Athenian General assassinated. The Thebans rout the Spartans at Orchomena. Artaxerxes seeks to make Peace among the Grecians. Peace concluded. Thebans only disagreed. The Commendation of Epaminondas. Seditions in several Cities of Greece. 423
  • Chap. 5. The Persians send an Army into Aegypt to reduce the Revolters. Iphicrates a skilful Commander. Sedition at Zacynthus. Platea raz'd by the Thebans. The Lacedemonians seize upon the Island Corcyra. The Siege of Corcyra rais'd by the Athenians under Cresides. Evagoras in Cyprus murther'd by an Eunuch. Dreadful Earthquakes and Inundations in Peloponnesus. A great Comet seen in Greece. 425
  • Chap. 6. Artaxerxes sends again to make Peace among the Grecians. All comply'd but the Thebans. The Spartans raise an Army against the Thebans. Epaminondas made the Theban General. The famous Battel of Leuctra. The terrible Seditions and Cruelites in Argos. Jason of Pherae stirs up the Thessalians to gain the Soveraignty of Greece. Polydore Prince of Pherea in Thessaly poyson'd by his Brother Alexander. Plots to depose Alexander. King of Macedonia treated with to that purpose. 429
  • Chap. 7. The Lacedemonians send Politropus into Arcadia: who is slain, and his Party routed by Lycomedes. An Invasion by Epaminondas and Pelopidas into Peloponnesus. Sparta besieg'd. The Antiquity and History of Messena in Greece. Pallane taken by Arcadians. A wall drawn between Cenchrea and Lechcum to hinder the Thebans inroad into Peloponnesus. Epaminondas breaks through into Peloponnesus. Assaults Corinth. 434
  • Chap. 8. Dionysius sends Galls and Spaniards to the assistance of the Lacedemonians. Pelopidas and Ismenias clapt up by Alexander Tyrant of Pherea. The Boetians pursu'd by the Phereans: brought off by Epaminondas then a private Soldier. The Fight between the Arcadians and Lacedemonians. Dionysius falls upon the Carthaginian Territories in Sicily. Dionysius dyes. The cause of his death. The cruelty of Alexander the Pherean at Schotusa. Epaminondas breaks again into Peloponnesus. Coos peopled and Wall'd. The end of the Laconick and Boetick War by the Mediation of the Persian King. 438
  • Chap. 9. New Stirs in Greece. The Battel between the Eleans and Arcadians near Lassion. The Quarrel between the Pisate and them of Elis about the Olympick Games. A Fight at the Time and Place of the Games. The Thebans prepare a Fleet in order to gain the Dominion at Sea. Rhodes, Chios, and Byzantium brought in to the Thebans by Epaminondas. The Thebans make War upon Orchomenon. The Reason Orchomenon raz'd. The Thessalians War with Alexander the Pherean. Pelopidas kill'd. His Praises. 441
  • Chap. 10. The War between the Tegeans and Mantineans, Boetians side with the Tegeans. Epaminondas made General. The Battel at Mantinca, where Epaminondas was kill'd, but the Lacedemonians routed. The Commendation of Epaminondas. 443
  • Chap. 11. A Defection from the Persians in Asia. Tachos King of Aegypt declares War against the Persians. The War between Tachos, and his Son Nectabanus. The death of Artaxerxes Mnemon. Agesilaus routs the Aegyptians that pursu'd him: and restores Tachos to his Kingdom: Stirs again in Greece after the Battel of Mantinea between the Megalopolitans and the neighbouring Towns. Peparethos besieg'd by Alexander of Pherea, He routs Leostenes at Sea. Charietes the Athenian Admiral his Villanies. 473


  • Chap. 1. PHilip an Hostage at Thebes: makes his Escape; beats the Athenians, after makes Peace with them, subdues the Peons, and routs the Illyrians, and makes Peace with them. 477
  • Chap. 2. The Actions of Dionysius the younger, in Sicily and other parts. Dion's Flight to Corinth, and his Return to Sicily. Andromachus peoples Tauromenum. The Civil Wars in Eubea. The Social War between the Athenians and other Nations. Philip takes Amphipolis and other Cities. His Policies to gain the Olynthians and other Places in Greece. 479
  • Chap. 3. Dion's March, and Entring into Syracuse. Dionysius comes to the Island part of Syracuse. Assaults the Wall erected from Sea to Sea: is beaten by Dion. Alexander of Pherea murdered by his Wife and his two Brothers. Philip relieves the Thessalonians from the two Brothers. 481
  • Chap. 4. The first rise of the Brutii in Italy. Dionysius his Admiral invades the Leontines. A Fight at Sea between Heraclides and Philistus Admirals, one of Dionysius, the other of Dion. A Faction in Syracuse. Dion leaves the Syracusians. Their sad Condition. Reliev'd by Dion. 484
  • Chap. 5. A Continuance of the Social War. Iphicrates and Timotheus join'd Admirals with Chrates by the Athenians. Iphicrates and Timotheus accus'd by Chrates, and fin'd and remov'd. Chrates joins with Pharnabasus and routs the Persians. The end of the Social War. Philip subdues the Confederates. 487
  • Chap. 6. The Beginning of the Sacred War, or Phocian War. Philomelus seizes the Temple at Delphos after he had routed the Locrians. How the Oracle at Delphos was first discover'd, and the beginning of the Tripode. The Athenians and others join with Philomelus. 488
  • Chap. 7. The Battel at Phoedra between Philomelus and the Locrians. The Parties ingag'd in the Phocian War. The Battel between the Beotians and Phocians. Philomelus kill'd Onomarchus made General. His Dream, Successes and Death. 490
  • Chap 8. Phayllus continues the Phocian War, Aryca raz'd. Phayllus dyes of a Consumption. War between the Lacedemonians and Megapolitans. Chaeronea taken by Phalecus. War between the Persians Aegyptians and Phenicians. Salamis in Cyprus besieg'd. The cruelty of Artaxerxes Ochus towards the Sidonians. The Calamity of Sidon. 494
  • Chap. 9. Evagoras beheaded in Cyprus. Artaxerxes marches against Aegypt; and gains all Aegypt by the Policy of Mentor. Lost many of his Men at the Lake Sorbonis. Mentor advanc'd. Mentor's Stratagem to subdue Hemias Prince of Atarne. Zena rais'd by Philip. The King of Aegypt abdicates his Kingdom and flyes to Aethiopia. 499
  • Chap. 10. Philip takes Olynthus and other Cities in the Hellespont. The Athenians jealous of Philip and instigated by Demosthenes. Philip's Policies. The value of the Riches taken out of the Temple at Delphos. Dionysius sent presents to Delphos, and were taken by the Athenians. His Letter to the Athenians. The Temple burnt. The end of the Phocian War. The Punishments decreed by the Amphtyons against the Phocians. The Miseries of the Sacrilegers. Timoleon sent to Syracuse. 502
  • Chap. 11. Timoleons Expedition into Sicily. The Carthaginians Army in Sicily. Dionysius returns to Syracuse, is beaten by Hircelas; Hircelas gains Syracuse. Timoleon's escape from Rhegium. Timoleon routs Hircelas, and gains Syracuse. Philip invades the Illyrians. Dionysius expell'd. Timoleon makes good Laws. Philip invades Thrace. 508
  • Chap. 12. The Acts of Timoleon in Sicily. The Preparations of the Carthaginians against Timoleon. The remarkable Siege of Perinthus by Philip. Pexodorus expells his Brother Adam from the Principality in Cana. Byzantium suddenly besieg'd by Philip. 510
  • Chap. 13. The Athenians aid Byzantium. Philip raises his Siege. The Carthaginians transport Forces into Sicily. The remarkable Victory of Timoleon over the Carthaginians. The Acts of Timoleon in Sicily. The Works of Hiero in Sicily. 512
  • Chap. 14. Elata taken by Philip: great Consternation in Athens for fear of Philip. The Boetians join with the Athenians through the Solicitation of Demosthenes. Python a famous Orator. The Battel at Cheronea between Philip and the Athenians; Lycides the Athenian General put to death. Philip rebuk'd by Demades; made General of Greece. Timoleon dyes. 515
  • Chap. 15. Philip consults the Oracle at Delphos. Philip Marries his Daughter Cleopatra to the King of Epirus. Encourag'd to the Persian War by Neoptolemus his Verses. Philip's Pride. His Murder. The Cause of it, and how it was done, and by whom. 517


  • Chap 1. COnspiracies of the Cities against Alexander. The Athenians send Ambassadors to Alexander to beg Pardon. He's made General by the Amphictyons. Attalus kill'd by Alexander's Command. The Wickedness of of Bagoas. Darius commended. Raises Forces. A Description of Mount Ida. Alexander invades the Illyrians and others. Thebes besieg'd by Alexander and raz'd. The Miseries of Thebes. Prodigies. Alexander demands Demosthenes and others to be deliver'd up to him by the Athenians: their Answer. He returns into Macedonia: and Feasts his Soldiers. 521
  • Chap. 2. Alexander lands his Army in Asia. The Battel at Granicum. The Forces of the Persians and of Alexander. Alexander kills Spithrodates; near being kill'd by Rosaces. Miletus besieg'd and taken. Ada Queen of Caria meets Alexander. Halicarnassus Besieg'd, Taken, and Sack'd. The strange Act of the Macedonians. 528
  • Chap. 3. Mytelene taken by Memnon Darius his General; his Successes He dyes. Charidemus the Athenian unjustly put to Death by Darius. Alexander falls sick, recover'd by Philippus. Alexander seizes Alexander of Lyncestas upon his Mother's Letters. Alexander takes Issus. The Memorable Battel at Issus, where the Mother, Wife, two Daughters and Son of Darius were taken. Alexander's noble carriage towards them. Darius his Letters and Offers to Alexander. Darius prepares another Army. 533
  • Chap. 4. Alexander marches towards Aegypt; Besieges Tyre. Prodigies at Tyre. The Tyrians bind Apollo with golden chains. The Inventions of the Tyrians to defend themselves. The advancement of Ballomynus a poor Man to be King of Tyre. The Acts of Agis and Amyntas; Amyntas kill'd, and all his Soldiers. Alexander takes Gaza by Storm; presented by the Grecians. 538
  • Chap. 5 Alexander makes a Journey to the Temple of Jupiter Hammon. He's presented by the Cyreneans. The Description of the place about the Temple. The wonderful Properties of the Fountain Solis. The Building of Alexandria. Alexander's Answer to Darius his Ambassadors. Alexander passes over the River Tygris with great Hazard. The Preparations on both sides for Battel. The Persians routed at that famous Battel at Arbela. 542
  • Chap. 6. The Grecians conspire to Revolt. Memnon rebels in Thrace. Antipater marches against him. The Lacedemonians raise an Army; are routed by Antipater, and Agis their King kill'd. 547
  • Chap. 7. Alexander comes to Babylon. The wealth found there. Views his Troops at Sitacana. Enters Susa. The Riches there. Thence goes in the Country of the Uxians. Marches towards Persepolis. A Company of maim'd Greeks met Alexander; His Bounty to them. He takes Persepolis; gives it up to the Plunder of the Soldiers. The Riches of the Citadel of Persepolis. Alexander his Feast at Persepolis. Persepolis burnt at the Instigation of Thais. Darius murder'd. 548
  • Chap. 8. Bessus stirs up the Bactrians. Alexander discharges the Greek Auxiliaries with Rewards. The River Stidoetes. He enters Hircania; Its Richness: Enters the Mardis Country: Loses his brave Horse but is restor'd. Thalestris the Amazon Queen meets him. He falls into the Effeminacy of the Persians. Enters Drangina. A Plot against Alexander. Philotas and others put to Death. Marches against the Arimispi. Subdues Arachosia. 552
  • Chap. 9. Alexander marches against the Paromisades. His troublesom March. Comes to Mount Caucasus. A Battel in Area by Alexander's Officers against Satibarzanes, who is kill'd in a single Combat by Erigyus. Bessus brought to Alexander; his Punishment. Alexander kills some Barbarians unexpectedly after they had surrender'd their City. He marches to the River Indus. Mophis his remarkable delivery up of himself and his Army. 556
  • Chap 10. Alexander overcomes Porus. How Apes are taken. Strange Serpents for Venom. Large Trees Marches against the Andrastians, Catheri, and against Sopithes. The Custom of them under Sopithes. Indian Dogs. Entertain'd by Phigeus. The Macedonians refuse to march against the Gandarides. Alexander leaves Monuments behind him at the River Hyphasis. Nicaea built, and Bucephalis. The Ibori present Alexander. Routs the Agalasians. In Danger in the River Indus by Whirlpools. Marches against the Oxidracans and Mallians. The King leaps off the Wall into the Town. A Duel between Coragus and Dioxippus. The Sambestae submit to Alexander; and the Sodrans and Mastanians. Subdues Musicanus, Porticanus, and Sambus. Poison'd Weapons. The King's Dream. Comes into the Main Ocean. Comes into Gedrosia. The Savages of the People. His Army near perishing in Gedrosia. Comes into Carmania. Punishes the Bormcial Goremours. Nearchus returns. Islands cover'd at High-Tides. The strange Death of Calanus. Alexander marrieth Statira. Harpalus his Luxury. He seizes with his own Hand them that mutiny'd. 561
  • Chap. 11. Alexander mixes Twenty thousand Persian Darters with his Army-Marches from Susa. Bagistames breeds abundance of Horses. Hephestion dies at Ecbatana. The Lamian War. He invades the Cosscans. Marches towards Babylon. The Caldean Astrologers disswade him from coming thither. He enters Babylon. 569
  • Chap. 12. Ambassadors come to Alexander from all Parts. He buries Hephestion with great State. The Prodigies before Alexander's Death. His Death. Darius his Mother starves her self. 570


  • Chap. 1. QUarrels about a Successor to Alexander. Aridaus made King. The Provinces divided amongst the Chief Commanders. Matters contain'd in Alexander's Note-Books. Meleager executed by Perdiccas. The Grecians revolt. A Description of Asia. Pithon sent against the Revolting Grecians, who were all cut off. The Lamian War: The Cause of it. Alexander's Epistle to the Exiles. Leosthenes the Athenian General. Lamia besieg'd. Leosthenes kill'd. Antiphilus plac'd in his room. 574
  • Chap. 2. Ptolemy gains Egypt: Leagues with Antipater. Lysimachus enters Thrace. Leonatus comes to Relieve Antipater, and is routed. The Grecians beaten at Sea. Perdiccas conquers Ariarathes Prince of Cappadocia, Crucifies him, delivers the Province to Eumenes. The Grecians quite routed by Craterus and Antipater. The Athenians at length submit after all the rest but the Aetolians. The End of the Lamian War. The War in Cyrene by Thimbro. Ophellas routs Thimbro. Cyrene gain'd by Ptolemy. Larinda sack'd. The Destruction of the Isaurians by themselves. Perdiccas affects the Kingdom of Macedon. Is oppos'd by Antigonus. The Etolians block'd up by Craterus and Antipater. Antigonus discover Perdiccas his Design. Peace made with the Etolians. Perdiccas marches against Ptolemy into Egypt. 580
  • Chap. 3. The Description of Alexander's Funeral Charriot. Ptolemy honour'd in Egypt. Perdiccas prepares for Egypt against Ptolemy. Eumenes beats Neoptolimus, who deserted. The Battel between Eumenes and Craterus, who was kill'd with Neoptolemus. Combat between Neoptolemus and Eumenes. Perdiccas comes into Egypt: Assaults the Fort call'd the Camel's Wall: His miserable Loss in the River Nile: Is kill'd. Ptolemy makes Arrideus and Pytho Protectors of the Kings. Eumenes condemn'd to die. The Etolians invade Thessaly. Polysperchon routs the Etolians. The Provinces again divided by Arrideus. Antigonus besieges Nora. Eumenes his Invention to Exercise the Horse. Ptolemy gains Syria and Phoenicia and Nicanor. 586
  • Chap. 4. Antigonus routs Alcitas in Pisidia, and takes Attalus. Alcitas receiv'd into Termessus, and there protected. He's murder'd there Treacherously; his Body inhumanly us'd by Antigonus. Antipater's Death. Antipater puts Demeas, one of the Athenian Ambassadors, to Death. Polysperchon made Chief in Macedonia. Cassander conspires to out him. Antigonus his Plots to be Sovereign of all. Arrideus secures himself in Phrygia: Besieges Cyzicum. Antigonus goes to raise it. Eumenes got out of Nora by Antigonus his Order. Antigonus his further Act. The various Fortunes of Eumenes. A Council in Macedonia call'd by Polysperchon against Cassander. The Decree of the Council. Polysperchon invites Olympias out of Epirus into Macedonia: Writes to Eumenes to join with the Kings. 593
  • Chap. 5. Polysperchon courts Eumenes to assist the Kings. Eumenes his Prudence amongst the Macedonian Captains. Ptolemy sends to the Captains and others not to assist Eumenes. Antigonus contrives to kill Eumenes; who marches into Phoenicia. Nicanor deceives the Athenians, and still keeps Munychia, and subtilly gets the Pyreum: Order'd by Olympias to deliver the Pyreum and Munychia to the Athenians, but he shifts it off. Alexander, Son of Polysperchon, enters Attica; secretly Corresponds with Nicanor, and displeases the Athenians. Phocion's hard Usage at his Trial in Athens, is Condemn'd, and Executed. Cassander arrives at the Pyreum. Polysperchon comes against him, but returns. Besieges Megalopolis, but is there much Damnifi'd; his Elephants spoil'd by a Stratagem. A Sea-Fight between Clitus and Nicanor. Nicanor beaten. Clitus afterwards routed by Nicanor, and is kill'd in his flight to Macedonia. Antigonus goes after Eumenes. Eumenes near losing his Army by the Breach of a Dyke in Babylonia. The Greek Cities revolt to Cassander. The Athenians make Peace with him. He kills Nicanor. 599


  • Chap. 1. A Gathocles his Parentage and Education. His Rise. His Stratagems. His bloody Massacre at Syracuse. He gains the Sovereign Power. The Affairs of Italy. Olympias returns into Macedonia by Polysperchon's Means. The Armies revolt to her. Her Cruelties. She murders Eurydice and Arideus her Husband. Affairs in Asia. Eumenes and Seleucus. Eumenes is join'd by many of the Captains. The number of their Forces. He comes to Susa. Attalus and others, Imprison'd by Antigonus in a strong Castle, seeks to escape. Are afterwards besieg'd, and taken. 608
  • Chap. 2. Antigonus marches after Eumenes to Tigris. Eumenes cuts off many of his Men at Pasitigris. Antigonus goes into Media. Eumenes comes to Persepolis. The Description of Persia. Pencestes his great Feast. Eumenes his Policy. His Tale of the Lion. Battel in Sareteceni between Antigonus and Eumenes. Antigonus returns into Media. The Story of Cereus his two Wives striving which should be burnt. Eumenes marches to Gabiene; Cassander to Macedonia. Olympias goes to Pydna, is there besieg'd. The Epirots forsake their King, and join with Cassander. Antigonus's design to surprize Eumenes, who stops his March by a Stratagem. The last Battel between them in Gabiene. Eumenes basely deliver'd up. Antigonus's return to Media. The dreadful Earthquakes in the Country of Rhages. 615
  • Chap 3. The Inundations at Rhodes: Antigonus kills Pitho, getting him into his Power by Dissimulation; then marches into Persia. Revolters from Antigonus cut off in Media. He divides the Asian Provences; and continues to destroy all the Argyraspides. Gets great Treasure in Susa. Cassander besieges Olympias in Pydna: The great Distress to which it was reduc'd. Amphipolis surrender'd to Cassander: He kills Olympias: Marries Thessalonices: Builds Cassandra: Imprisons Rhoxana and her Son Alexander. His Expedition into Peloponnesus against Alexander the Son of Polysperchon. The History of Thebes. Cassander rebuilds Thebes. 627
  • Chap. 4. Antigonus his Army feasted by Seleucus in Babylon. Falls out with Seleucus, who flies to Ptolemy, and is kindly receiv'd. Ptolemy, Seleucus, Cassander, and Lysimachus, join against Antigonus. They send Ambassadors to him, who Winters in Cilicia. He goes into Phoenicia, and there builds Ships: Besieges Tyre. The Praise of Phyla, Wife of Demetrius. Aristodemus raises Forces for Antigonus in Peloponnesus. The Acts of Ptolemy, one of Antigonus his Captains. Antigonus his Policy Tyre deliver'd. The Agreement of Ptolemy's Captains, and the rest at Cyprus. The Acts of Seleucus. A Fleet comes to Antigonus from the Hellespont and Rhodes. Things done in Peloponnesus. Cassander's Acts there, and in Greece. The great Victory by Sea and Land, obtain'd by Polyclitus, Seleucus his Lieutenant: He's Rewarded by Ptolemy. The Acts of Agathocles in Sicily. The Romans War with the Samnites. 632
  • Chap. 5. The Acts of Aristodemus. Antigonus his General in Peloponnesus: The Dmeans in Achaia seek to free themselves from Cassander's Garrison: They take the Cittadel. Alexander, Son of Polysperchon, Assassinated. The Praise of Cratesipolis his Wife. The Acts of Cassander in Etolia, and other Parts of Greece. The Cruelty of the Etolians. Cassander sends an Army into Caria; and Aristotle with a Fleet to Lemnos. The Acts of Cassander's Army in Caria. Antigonus leaves his Son Demetrius in Caria to watch Ptolemy. His troublesome March into Asia. The Affairs of Sicily. Acrotatus his Misgovernment and Cruelties in Sicily. The Acts of Agathocles. The Affairs of Italy. 637
  • Chap. 6. Several Cities revolt. Lysimachus comes against them. Philip, Cassander's General, routs the Epirots and Etolians. Cassander agrees with Antigonus. Antigonus gains the Cities in Caria. Cassander's Acts in Greece. Samnites routed by the Romans. Polemon sent by Antigonus into Greece to set the Cities at liberty. The Acts of Antigonus and Cassander. Polemon's Acts in Greece for Antigonus. Ptolemy goes against Cyrene, and Cyprus; then against Demetrius. The Battel with Demetrius at Gaza. Ptolemy takes Tyre. The Acts of Antigonus his Commanders in Greece. The Epirots make Alcetas King, who is beaten by Lysiscus, Cassander's General, and he's beaten again by the other. Cassander goes against the Apolloniats. Seleucus recovers Babylon with a small Army. Demetrius routs Cilles, Ptolemy's General. Ptolemy returns to Egypt, first wasts Samaria, Gaza, Joppa, &c. Athaneus sent against the Nabatheans by Antigonus. The Customs of the Arabians. Athaneus kill'd, and most of his Men. Demetrius sent against them. Description of the Asphaltes, or Lake of Sodom. Demetrius sent against Seleucus in Babylon. The Wars between the Romans and Samnites in Italy. The Acts of Agathocles in Sicily. 641
  • Chap. 7. Cassander, Ptolemy, and Lysimachus, make Peace with Antigonus. Cassander murders Rhoxana and her Son. The Governors take the Stile of Kings upon them. The Carthaginians raise Forces against Agathocles. Four thousand Geloans murder'd by Agathocles. The Battel between Agathocles and Amilcar the Carthaginian at Himera. Agathocles routed. Several Cities revolt from Agathocles. 654


  • Chap. 1. AGathocles designs to invade Africa: His Cruelty: Pursu'd in his Voyage. An Eclipse of the Sun very great. Lands in Africa: Burns his Ships: His Successes in Africa. Hanno and Bomilcar made Generals in Africa. Battel between them and Agathocles, who routs them. Kills Hanno. His Stratagem by Owls. The cruel Superstition of the Carthaginians in sacrificing their Children. The Actions at Syracuse. Actions of Agathocles in Africa. The Acts of Cassander in Macedonia. Polysperchon seeks to restore Hercules, Alexander's Son. The miserable Destruction of Nichocles and his Family in Cyprus. The Wars of Parysidas his Sons, King of the Cimerean Bosphorus. The Valour of Satyrus, one of his Sons. His Death. The sad Death of Eumelus, another Son. Page 658
  • Chap. 2. The Acts of Ptolemy in Cilicia and elsewhere. Polysperchon murders Hercules, Alexander's Son, by Instigation of Cassander. Amilcar taken, and put to Death by the Syracusians: His Head sent to Agathocles in Africa. The things done in Sicily. Archagathus, Agathocles Son, kills Lysiscus; He and his Son in great Danger by the Army. Affairs of Italy. The Works of Appius Claudius: The Appian way. Ptolemy comes to Corinth: His Acts there. Cleopatra, Alexander's Sister, kill'd by the Governor of Sardis. The further Acts of Agathocles in Africa. Ophellas decoy'd, and cut off by Agathocles. Ophellas his troublesome March to Agathocles. Lamia's Cruelty, and Story of her. Bomilcar seeks to be Prince of Carthage, but is put to Death by the Citizens. Agathocles sends the Spoils of the Cyrenians to Syracuse: Most lost in a Storm. Affairs in Italy. 668
  • Chap. 3. Demetrius frees all the Grecian Cities; takes the Pireum at Athens. Demetrius Phalerius flies to Ptolemy. Honours given to Demetrius in Athens. He sails to Cyprus: His Acts there: Besieges Salamis. His great Engines. Ptolemy sails to Cyprus. Sea-Fight between Ptolemy and Demetrius, wherein Ptolemy is routed. Antigonus takes the Title of King, and the like several other Captains. Agathocles his Acts at Utica in Africk: Ty'd Prisoners to a great Engine. The sorts of People in Africa. Xenodocus routed in Sicily by Agathocles his Captains. Agathocles his Acts in Sicily. What was done by Archagathus in Africa. Mascala inhabited by some Greeks that came from Troy. Apes, their Custom among the Pithecusae. The Carthaginians draw out Thirty thousand Men out of Carthage. Misfortunes to Agathocles his Captains in Africa. The Army block'd up, and almost starv'd. Agathocles beats the Carthaginians at Sea near Syracuse. His Captain Leptines Harrasses the Agrigentines. Agathocles Feasts the Syracusians. His jocund Temper. His Cruelty. Routed in Africa. Carthaginian Camp burnt. The Misfortune afterwards to both Armies by one Cause. Agathocles in Chains by his own Men. Steals out of Africa. The Soldiers kill his two Sons. They make Peace with the Carthaginians. Agathocles his exceeding Cruelty at Aegista, and afterwards at Syracuse. 676
  • Chap. 4. Antigonus his March into Aegypt. A Tempest near Raphia, where he lost some of his Ships. He returns into Syria. Dinocrates prevails in Sicily. Agathocles is willing to resign his Government; but Dinocrates stands off. What was done in Italy. Antigonus his War with the Rhodians. Rhodes besieg'd by Demetrius. Agathocles routs Dinocrates his great Army with a few Men. His Cruelty to those that submitted upon Terms, where he But chers Seven thousand. Dinocrates in favour with Agathocles, and betrays all the Confederates. What was done in Italy. 688
  • Chap. 5. The Siege of Rhodes continu'd: The Acts of the Sea-Captains of the Rhodians. Peace made with the Rhodians. The Acts of Agathocles in the Lipari Islands. The Acts of Demetrius in Greece. The War between the Tarentines and Lucanians. The Acts of Cleonymus the Spartan: Cassander sends to Antigonus to make Peace, who refuses. Lysimachus joins with Cassander, and so does Ptolemy and Seleucus, against Antigonus: He marches against Lysimachus. Demetrius's further Acts in Greece. The Armies of Cassander and Demetrius. Demetrius leaves Greece, and goes with his Army to his Father in Asia, after Peace made with Cassander. The Misfortunes of Pleistarchus at Sea. Ptolemy besieges Sidon, but returns to Aegypt upon a false Report. Seleucus marches from Babylon with a great Army. Page 695

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The Histories of Herodotus written in 440 BC is considered to be the founding work of history in Western literature. His history included stories and fables but he claimed to have traveled extensively and learned about many countries through direct observation.

The thesis of Stolen Legacy is that the Egyptians created what is wrongly called Greek philosophy. Dr. James argues that the African origin of Greek Philosophy is well known but rarely discussed. Ancient Greek historians such as Herodotus and Diodorus the Sicilian wrote in significant detail about the contributions of Egypt. Egyptian technology and libraries were unmatched and Greek philosophers such as Pythagoras and Plato studied there. The contribution of Africa to the intellectual foundation of modern knowledge is tremendous but unacknowledged.

The Library of History by Diodorus the Sicilian is one of the most highly regarded universal histories in antiquities. His work includes the history of Egypt, Asia, Africa, Greece and Europe. His book is a must read for research of ancient history.

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