Diodorus Siculus

BOOK III - The Library of History

Page 124 These are the things which the Libyans say were done by the first Bacchus the Son of Ammon and Amalthea.

The Second Bacchus (they say) was Son of Jupiter, by Io, the Daughter of Inachus, and reign'd in Egypt, and there taught the manner of divine Worship and Sacrifices.

The Third was the Issue of Jupiter and Semele, and was among the Grecians a Rival of the other Two before mention'd. For making it his business to imitate them, he likewise with a great Army marcht through the whole World, and set up many Pillars at the utmost, Bounds of his several Expeditions, and planted and improv'd likewise the Countries as he went. And as the ancient Bacchus listed the Amazons into his Army, so did this other Women. He took likewise much care and pains about the Orgia and Sacred Rites and Ceremonies, some of which he reform'd, and added others. But because of the length of time, the first Invention and finding out of things is unknown to many; this last Bacchus only inherits the Glory and Reputation belonging to the former, which Misfortune not only befell him, but Hercules after him.

For whereas there was anciently Two of the same Name; one of them (and the more ancient) is said to have flourish'd in Egpyt, who having overcome a great part of the World, erected a Pillar in Africa. The other was born in Crete, and was one of the Idaei Dactyli; he was a Jugler, but likewise a good Soldier, and instituted the Olympick Games.

The last was the Son of Jupiter, by Alcmena, born a little before the Trojan War: He travel'd through many Parts of the World, to execute the Commands of Euristheus; and succeeded in all his Enterprizes; he erected a Pillar in Europe.

His Name being the same, and his Actions much like to those of the former, was the occasion that what things were done by the ancient Hercules's after their Deaths, were by Posterity solely ascrib'd to him, as if there had been never any but one Hercules in the World.

Amongst other evident Proofs that there were more than one Dionysus or Bacchus, this very Fight of the Titanes does make it clear: For it's generally acknowledg'd, that Dionysus was with Jupiter in the War against the Titanes, and they say that it is an absurd and undecent thing to account Semele Contemporary with the Titanes, and to affirm that Cadmus, the Son of Agenor was more ancient than the Celestial Gods. And these are the things which the Lybians relate of Bacchus. Thus having now perform'd our Promise made at the beginning, we shall here put an end to this Third Book.

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