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But Hercules my Father, as is said,
The Lions strong in Valour did exceed,
That only with Six Ships and Slender Force,
For Laomedon's Horses took his Course;
And then Besieg'd and took the City Troy,
And many of her People did destroy.

From Troy the Argonauts arriv'd at Samothracia, and then again gave Thanks to the Gods, where they dedicated their Drink-Offering Bowls, and left them in the Temple, which remain there at this Day.

The return of the Heroes was not yet known; but the common Report was throughout all Thessaly, that Jason and all his Companions were destroy'd some where or other about Pontus.

Pelias therefore now thinking it a fit opportunity to cut off all that might in any probability seem to affect the Kingdom, compell'd Jason's Father to drink 〈…〉 ls Blood, and Murdered his Brother Promachus, who was then but a meer Child.

But when Amphinome his Mother was sought for to be butchered, she acted the part of a manlike and noble Spirit, worthy of remark; for running to the King's Palace, she pour'd out most heavy Curses upon his Head, wishing that due Vengeance might overtake him for his Impiety; and then immediately stab'd her self, and so like an Hero ended her Days.

Pelias having thus extinguish'd Jason's whole Family, in a short time after paid for it, and receiv'd the due Reward of his Wickedness: For Jason in the Night entring a Port of Thessaly not far from the City Iolcos (yet out of view of the Inhabitants) was by one inform'd of the sad state and condition of his Family, and thereupon all the Heroes were in a readiness to assist Jason, and to undergo all hazards for that purpose; but there arose some difference of Opinions amongst them; for some were for surprizing the King with a suddain Assault, others were for the Raising of Forces out of every Country, and so to join against him in a common War: For it was impossible for Three and Forty Men, to think to overcome so Potent a Prince, both as to his Riches and the number of his Cities. In these different Councils its said, that Medea promis'd to kill the King by a Stratagem, and deliver up the Palace into their Hands, without any hazard to any of them. The Heroes wondring at what she said, askt how she would accomplish it? Who answer'd, that she had great variety of Poysons of admirable strength and efficacy, some of them found out by her Mother Hecate, and others by her Sister Cerces; that she had not as yet made use of them for the killing of any Man; but now by the help of them, she would execute due and deserved Punishment upon the wicked Wretches; and told the Argonauts her whole Design, after what manner she would get to the King; and promis'd that from some Turret in the Palace that look'd towards the Sea, she would give a Sign to their Watch by Fire in the Night, and by Smoke in the Day.

Hereupon she provided a Hollow Image of the Goddess Diana, in which she hid several sorts of Poysons, and anointed her Hair with a sort of Oyntment, which turn'd it all gray and hoary, and with the same Ointment wrinkl'd up her Face and her whole Body, so that she look'd like an old wither'd Hagg. Then taking the Goddess with her, order'd in all respects so as to excite the common People to a superstitious Adoration, she enter'd the City when it was light; whereupon the People came running in to her from all Quarters, as if she had been an inspir'd Priestess: And she her self commanded every Body to bear a reverend regard to the Goddess, who was now by the special Providence of the Gods, come to them from the Hyperboreans, for the Preservation of the King and

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