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Page 158 After some time when all the Heraclides were attain'd to Mens Estates, and their Spirits were rais'd up upon the account of the glory of their Father, Euristheus jealous of their growing Interest, led a strong Army against them. But the Heraclides assisted by the Athenians, having committed themselves to the care of Iolaus (Hercules his Brother's Son) who together with Theseus and Hyllus, commanded the Forces, fought Eurystheus, and routed his Army, and cut off a great part of them; and Euristheus himself (his Chariot breaking in pieces in his Flight) was kill'd by Hyllus the Son of Hercules; and all the Sons of Eurystheus fell in this Battel.

The Heraclides having obtain'd so remarkable a Victory over Eurystheus, and their prosperous Success now advancing the number of their Forces, they invaded Peloponesus under their General Hyllus.

One Atreus at that time, after the Death of Eurystheus, had obtain'd the Kingdom of Mycaena; and being join'd with the Tegeans, and some other Confederates, marcht out against the Heraclidae. Both Armies met in the Isthmos, and there Hyllus challeng'd any one of the Enemy to fight him singly, upon condition that if he overcame the other, the Kingdom of Euristheus should be given up to the Heraclidae; but if he himself were kill'd, that then the Heraclidae should not return into Peloponesus, within the space of Fifty Years. Whereupon Echemus King of the Tegeans enter'd the List, and fought with Hyllus, who was slain in the Combat. The Heraclidae thereupon in performance of the Agreement, made no further Attempt to enter Peloponesus, but return'd to Trycorinthus. Afterwards Licymnius with his Children, and Tlepolemus the Son of Hercules, by the consent of the Citizens took up their Residence, and dwelt in Argos; the rest continu'd in Tricorynthus, till the Fifty Years were expir'd, and then they return'd into Peloponesus, whose Acts we shall set forth, when we come to those Times. Alchmena in the mean time came to Thebes, and a little time after vanish'd away, so that she was worshipt by the Thebans as a Goddess. The rest of the Heraclidae, they say, apply'd themselves to Aeginius the Son of Dorus, who restor'd them to their Father's Kingdom, with which he was intrusted by Hercules, and so setled themselves among the Doreans.

But they say, that Tlepolemus the Son of Hercules, who resided in Argos, was forc'd to fly thence to Rhodes, for the Killing of Licymnius the Son of Electryo, upon some falling out that was between them. The Island was then inhabited by the Hellenes, a Colony brought thither by Triopas the Son of Phorbas.

Tlepolemus divided Rhodes, together with its Inhabitants, into Three equal Parts, and built there Three Cities, Lyndus, Jalysus and Camirus; becoming King of the Rhodians upon the account of the renow'd Actions of his Father, he afterwards assisted Agamemnon at the Siege of Troy.