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Page 165 Afterwards Simoneus (being both cruel and unrighteous towards Men, and impious towards the Gods) was hated by his Subjects, and at length for his Contempt of the Gods, was by Jupiter struck dead with a Thunderbolt.

About this time Neptune begat Two Sons of Tyro, Pelias and Neleus. Tyro being afterwards married to Cretheus, she had by him Amythaon, Pheretes and Aesones. After the Death of Cretheus, Pelias and Neleus were at strife one with another for the Kingdom. Pelias reign'd as King of Iolcus and the Neighbouring Countries, and being joyn'd with Melampus and Bias, the Sons of Amythaon and Aglaia, together with some Achaeans, Phthiots and Eolians, made an inroad with his Army into Peloponesus. At which time, in Argos, Melampus (being a Sooth-sayer) restor'd some Women to soundness of Mind, that through the Anger of Bacchus were struck with a raging Madness. And for this good Act he was rewarded by Anaxagoras, King of the Argives, Son of Megapentheus, with Two parts of the Kingdom. Hereupon Melampus took his Brother Bias as his Associate with him in the Government, and resided at Argos. Then marrying Iphianira the Daughter of Megapantheus, he had by her Antiphates, Manto, Bias and Pronoes. Antiphates had by Zeuxippe the Daughter of Hippocoon, Oicles and Amphales. From Oicles and Hypermnestra, the Daughter of Thespius, descended Iphianira, Polybaea, and Amphiaraus: And thus Melampus and Bias, and their Posterity injoy'd the Kingdom of Argos.

Neleus likewise with those whom he conducted, enter'd. Messina, and built the City Pylus, which was given to him by the bordering Inhabitants; who reigning here, married Chloris the Daughter of Amphion the Theban, and by her had Twelve Sons, of whom Periclimenus was the Eldest, and Nestor the Youngest, who went along with the rest to the Trojan War. But to the end we may keep within Bounds, this that has been said shall susfice concerning the Ancestors of Nestor.

And now something is to be further added concerning the Lapithites and the Centaurs; most of whom were the Sons of Oceanus and Thetys (as the Mythologists do report,) remarkable for their giving Names to Rivers; amongst whom was Peneus, from whom the River in Thessaly was so call'd. He was familiar with the Nymph Creuta, and of her begat Hypseus and Stibes, of whom Apollo begat Lapithes and Centaurus. Lapithes resided near the River Peneus, and reign'd over the Neighbouring Territories. He marry'd Orsinome the Daughter of Eurynomus, and by her had Two Sons, Phorbas and Periphas, who afterwards reign'd in those Parts; and the whole Nation of the Lapithae, are so call'd from Lapithes. Phorbas one of the Sons of Lapithes, resided at Olenus: Whence Alector the King of Elis (fearing the power of Pelops) sent for him to his Assistance, and made him his Associate in the Kingdom. Phorbas had Two Sons, Egeus and Actor, who were afterwards Kings of Elis.

Periphas the other Son of Lapitha, marry'd Astyagea, the Daughter of Hypseus, and by her had Eight Children; the Eldest of whom Antion, had Issue Ixion of Perimela, the Daughter of Amythaon. Ixion (they say) upon Promise to Hesioneus of a great Dowry and rich Gifts, marry'd his Daughter Dia, of whom he begat Perithous: But Ixion not performing his Promise made on the behalf of his Wife Hesioneus seiz'd his Horses in lieu of a Pawn. Ixion under colour of giving full satisfaction, desir'd his Father in Law to come to him; who coming accordingly, Ixion threw him into a Fiery Furnace.

But because none could expiate him from the guilt of so heinous a Parricide, it's said that Jupiter did it. But growing afterwards in love with Juno (they say) he was so impudent, as to court her to play the Adulteress: Whereupon Jupiter turn'd a Cloud into the shape of Juno, with which Ixion gratify'd his Lust, and begat those Half Men, call'd Centaurs. At length, for his enormous Impiety, he was fasten'd by Jupiter to a Wheel, and after his Death suffer'd Eternal Torments.

Others say, that the Centaurs were bred up by the Nymphs in Pelion, and that when they grew up to Mens Estates, they ingender'd with Mares, and so begat a double shap'd Brood, call'd Hippocentaurs. Others say, that the Centaurs were the Issue of Nephele and Ixion, and because they were the first that attempted to ride upon Horses, therefore they were call'd Hippocentaurs, and feign'd to be of a double Nature, both Man and Horse. It's said that these Centaurs being of the same Stock and Original, demanded of Perithous a share of

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