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Page 207 As to the other Deities, they say, that Neptune was the first that us'd Navigation, and rigg'd out a Navy, and was appointed Admiral by Saturn; and therefore it was a common Tradition afterwards, that all Sea-Affairs were under his Rule and Government, and upon that account Mariners worship him with Solemn Sacrifices. They say moreover, that Neptune was the first that manag'd Horses, and taught the Art of Horsemanship, whence he was call'd Hippius.

Pluto (they say) first shew'd the way of Sepulchres and Pompous Funerals, whereas before no regard was had to any of these; which was the reason he was accounted Lord of the Dead, and Prince of the Infernal Shades.

There are many differing Opinions concerning the Genealogy and Kingdom of Jupiter. There are some of Opinion, that after the Death of Saturn, he succeeded in the Kingdom, not advanc'd to that dignity by a forceable Expulsion of his Father, but by a just and lawful Succession. Others report, that Saturn being forewarned by the Oracle concerning Jupiter, that a Son of his to be afterwards born, would oust him of his Kingdom by force, kill'd his Children one after another, as soon as they were born; at which Rhea was so griev'd (not being able to work upon her Husband's obstinate Humour) that she forthwith upon his Birth hid Jupiter in Ida, recommending his Education to the Care of the Curetes, who inhabited that Mountain: And that they again lodg'd him in a Cave, and intrusted him with the Nymphs, intreating them to be very careful of him; who fed him with Milk and Hony mixt together, and for his better nourishment suckled him at the Paps of a Goat, call'd Amalthaea: For there are many Tokens of his Birth and Education in this Island to this Day.

For when he was a young Infant, and carried away by the Curetes, they say, that the Navel String fell from him at the River Triton, whence that part of the Country, sacred to this God, is call'd Omphalium, and the Region adjoyning, Omphaleus. In Ida likewise, where this Goddess was educated, the Cave wherein he was hid, is not only consecrated to him, but the Ports near to that Promontory are under his Guard and Protection.

But here is not to be omitted a wonderful Story that's related concerning the Bees: For they say, the God to preserve an eternal Memory of his familiarity with the Bees, chang'd their colour into that of Brass or Copper, washt over with Gold: And whereas the Place is exceeding high, and subject to stormy Winds, and us'd to be cover'd over with depths of Snow, he fortify'd the Bees with an Impassibility, so that they were able to feed and gather Honey in the most stormy and coldest Places.

Amongst other Honours attributed to the Goat that gave him suck, he bestow'd this, that he himself from her, assum'd the Name of Aegiochus. When he was grown up to Man's Estate, he first built a City at Dicta, where he was born, the Ruins whereof are to be seen at this Day.

This God excell'd all the other in Valour, Prudence, Justice, and all other Virtues: And therefore after the death of his Father, when he came to reign, he conferr'd many and great Benefits upon Mankind. For he was the first that instructed Men how to punish Injuries, and to deal justly and honestly one with another, to forbear Force and Violence, and bring their Differences and Controversies orderly before Tribunals and Courts of Justice, there to be ended and decided. In sum, he did whatsoever was necessary for the making of good Laws, and Preservation of Peace among Men; stirring up the Good by wholsom Advice to their Duty, and restraining the Bad through fear of severe and due Punishment for their Offences.

It's reported, he travell'd through the whole World, putting to Death Thieves, Robbers, and other Impious Persons, establishing Commonwealths and Democracies in every Place wherever he came.

About that time he slew several Giants with their Adherents, as Mytinus in Crete, and Typhon in Phrygia.

Before the Battel with the Giants in Crete, upon Jupiter's sacrificing of Oxen to Sol, Coelus and Terra, in all the Intrals appear'd evident Signs of what was decreed by the Gods: Their Victory especially was portended; and a defection of some from the Enemy, as it prov'd in the issue of the War; for Musaeus fled and revolted from them, for which he was highly honour'd.

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