Diodorus Siculus

BOOK XI - The Library of History

Page 250


The Death of Hiero.

LYsiatus being Governour or Archon of Athens, the Romans chose Lucius Pinarius Mamercinus, and Lucius Furius Fusus their Consuls. At this time Hiero King of Syracuse invited to him with many rich Presents the Sons of Anaxalius, Prince of Zancles, now Messina in Sicily, and put them in mind how kind Gelon had been to their Father, and advis'd 'em now they were come to Mens Estate, to call Micythus their Tutor to account, and to take the Sovereign Power and Government into their own Hands. Being return'd to Rhegium, they forthwith demanded an Account of Micythus of his Administration; who, being a just and honest Man, call'd together all the Friends of the two young Men, and gave so full and clear Account of his Trust, that all then present admir'd his Justice and Faithfulness. The Youths now sorry for what they had done, desir'd him to take upon him again the Government, and as their Father, to order and dispose of all Affairs as he thought fit. But Micythus utterly refus'd to be any longer concern'd; but giving up all, ship'd his Goods, and sail'd forth from Rhegium, with the general Love and Favour of the People, and made for Greece, where he lived the rest of his Time in great Repute at Tegea in Arcadia. Hiero dyed at Catena, a City repeopled by him, and was there buried with great Pomp and Solemnity after he had reigned Eleven Years. He left his Kingdom to Thrasybulus his Brother, who reigned only one Year.


Thrasybulus King of Syracuse depos'd by Force of Arms for his Tyranny.

NOw was Lysanias Archon of Athens, and Appius Claudius, and Titus QuintusCapitolinus, Roman Consuls, during whose Governments, Thrasybulus lost the Kingdom of Syracuse: Concerning whom, inasmuch as it is our purpose particularly and distinctly to write, it is necessary to look a little back, that so things may be more clearly understood from the beginning. Gelo, the Son of Dinome, a Man for Valour and Military Discipline excelling all the rest, by a notable Stratagem (as you have heard) routed the Carthaginians. And using his Victory with all Moderation towards them he had subdued, and dealing kindly and courteously with all his Neighbours, was greatly honoured among the Sicilians; and for the Sweetness of his Disposition, liv'd belov'd of all in Peace and Quietness to the end of his days.

Hiero the eldest of his Brothers succeeded him in the Kingdom, but far unlike him in his Government. For he was covetous, cruel and altogether a Stranger to the Candor and Sincerity of his Brother, by reason whereof many were inclin'd to a Defection and Revolt; but the Memory of Gelo's Generosity and general Kindness to all the Sicilians, restrain'd them from outward Force and Violence. But when Hiero was dead, Thrasybulus his Brother advancing to the Crown, exceeded his Predecessor in all Vice and Wickedness: For being more cruel and bloody in his Nature, he slaughtered the Citizens against all Law and Justice; and by false Accusations banished many others, and consiscated their Estates. At last hating his People, and the People on the other hand, hating him for the Injuries they had suffer'd, he rais'd a Standing Army, to defend himself against the fear'd Revolt of his Subjects. And now growing every day more and more into the Hatred of his People, abusing some, taking away the

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