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Page 520 given him, there slew him. And thus Philip, (the most Potent of all the Kings in Europe in that Age, and who for the Greatness of his Dominion associated himself for Majesty into the number of the Twelve Gods) came to his end, after he had Reign'd about Four and twenty Years.

This King from very small Beginnings, gain'd the largest Dominion in Greece; and is judg'd to have enlarg'd the Bounds of his Kingdom, not so much by Arms, as by his fair Tongue, and his complaisant and courteous Demeanour towards all he had to deal with: For it is reported, That Philip himself would often boast more of his Military Art and Policy, and of the gaining of his Enemies by fair Words, than in the Strength and Valour of his Soldiers. For he was us'd to say, That the Honour of winning of Battels was common and due to the rest of the Army with himself; but the Praise and Commendation due to Affability and a pleasant Converse, was peculiar to himself alone.

And thus being now come to the Death of Philip, we shall end this Book, as we at first design'd. The following we shall begin with the Succession of Alexander into his Father's Kingdom, and endeavour to comprehend all his Actions in one Book.

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