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THE Historical Library OF Diodorus the Sicilian. BOOK II.


THE Former Book (being the First of the whole) contains the Affairs of Egypt; among which are related what is fabulously reported of the Gods of Egypt, and what strange and wonderful Accounts are given of the Nature of Nile, and other things concerning that River. We have spoken there likewise of the Land of Egypt, their ancient Kings, and their several Actions; and have added the Building of the Pyramids, reckon'd amongst the Seven Wonders of the World. We have likewise set forth their Laws and Courts of Justice, and the strange Adoration of Beasts in Egypt. Lastly, the manner of their Burials, and the Greeks that were famous for Learning, and travell'd into Egypt, and brought over from thence many useful and profitable Arts and Sciences into Greece. In this next Book we shall describe the things done in Asia in ancient times, beginning with the Assyrian Empire.


Ninus the First King of Assyria: His Acts: He invades Babylonia, Media, and overruns several other Countries. Nineve built by him; the Description of it; Marries Semiramis; her Descent. Derceta the Philistines Dagon. His Expedition against Bactria; he dies. Semiramis builds Babylon, and several strange Works there; as a Passage under Water, Jupiter's Temple, &c. Hanging Gardens in Babylon. A vast Stone cut out. The strange property of a Morass. Her several Expeditions. The wonderful Lake in Ethiopia; their Burials there. Semiramis's Expedition into India: Her mock Elephants. Her Expedition proves fruitless. She surrenders her Kingdom to Ninyas her Son; her End.

ASIA was anciently govern'd by its own Native Kings, of whom there's no History extant, either as to any memorable Actions they perform'd, or so much as to their Names.

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