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Page 676 Then possessing themselves of a Hill, (the whole City being now in Arms) the Carthaginians drew up their Camp in the face of the Rebels. At length they sent some of the Ancientest and Gravest of their Citizens to them, and remitted what was past, and so all things were peaceably compos'd. Towards all the rest indeed they perform'd their Articles, and (because of the Cloud that hung over the City,) pass'd by the Crimes committed; but without any regard had to their Oaths, they most ignominiously tormented Bomilcar, and put him to death. And thus the Carthaginians, when their Common-wealth was near upon the point of expiring, recover'd their Ancient Form of Government.

In the mean time Agathocles loaded all his Transport-Ships with Spoils, and such of the Cyreneans as he found not fit and serviceable for the War, he put on board, and sent them to Syracuse: But a fierce Tempest overtook them, in which some of the Ships were lost, and others were cast upon the Pithecusian Islands bordering upon Italy, so that very few arriv'd at Syracuse.

In Italy the Roman Consuls assisted the Marsilians (who were sorely prest by the Samnites,) and were Conquerors, killing great numbers of the Enemy upon the place. Then they march'd through the Country of the Umbri, and invaded Hetruria, then in War with them, and took a Castle call'd Caprium by Storm. But the Inhabitants sending their Ambassadors to Treat upon Terms of Peace, they made Peace with the Tarquinians for Forty Years: But with the rest of the Hetrurians only for one Year.


Demetrius frees all the Grecian Cities; takes the Pireum at Athens. Demetrius Phalerius flies to Ptolemy. Honours given to Demetrius in Athens. He sails to Cyprus; his Acts there; Besieges Salamis. His great Engines. Ptolemy sails to Cyprus. Sea Fight between Ptolemy and Demetrius, wherein Ptolemy is routed. Antigonus takes the Title of King, and the like do several other Captains. Agathocles his Acts at Utica in Africk: Ty'd pris'ners to a great Engine. The sorts of People in Africa. Xenodocus routed in Sicily by Agathocles his Captains. Agathocles his Acts in Sicily. What was done by Archagathus in Africa. Maschala inhabited by some Greeks that came from Troy. Apes, their Custom among the Pithecusce. The Carthaginians draw out Thirty thousand Men out of Carthage Misfortunes to Agathocles his Captains in Africa. The Army block'd up and almost starv'd: Agathocles beats the Carthaginians at Sea near Syracuse. His Captain Leptines harasses the Agrigentines. Agathocles Feasts the Syracusians. His jocund Temper. His Cruelty. Routed in Africa. Carthaginian Camp burnt. The misfortune afterward to both Armies by one Cause. Agathocles in Chains by his own Men. Steals out of Africa. The Soldiers kill his Two Sons. They make Peace with the Carthaginians. Agathocles his exceeding Cruelty at Aegista; and afterwards at Syracuse.

AT the end of the Year, Anaxicrates was Created Chief Governor of Athens, and Appius Claudius, and Lucius Volutius Consuls at Rome. At this time Demetrius the Son of Antigonus being furnish'd with Two strong Armies, one by Land, and the other by Sea, and provided of Weapons and all other necessaries for the War, set forth from Ephesus with full Orders and Instructions to set all the Grecian Cities at liberty, and in the first place to free Athens, that was then held by a Garison of Cassander's. To this purpose he arriv'd at the Pireum with his Fleet; and upon his first arrival caus'd the Edict to be proclaim'd, and then assaulted the Pyreum on every side. But Dionysius the Governor of the Fort, Mynichia, and Demetrius Phalerius, whom Cassander had made President of the City, with a strong Body of Men beat off the Enemy from the Walls; But some of Antigonus's Men forc'd their way near the Shoar, and scal'd and got over the Walls; whereupon many within came in to them as their Assistants, and in this manner was the Pyrcum taken. Dionysius the Governor fled into Mynichia, and Demetrius Phalerius into the City. The next day he with some others was sent by the City to Demetrius, and

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