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Page 144 Hercules therefore, when he arriv'd in the Country of Troas, marcht straight with a Valiant Number of Men to Troy, but left Oiclcus the Admiral, the Son of Amphiaraus with the Fleet to be ready to assist him as occasion serv'd. In the mean time Laomedon being surpriz'd by the suddain advance of the Enemy, in a great hurry raised as many Forces as the shortness of the time would admit him to do, and led them against the Fleet, hoping by burning of it, to put a speedy end to the War. Oicleus the Admiral met the Enemy, and was kill'd at the first Onset; the rest being forc'd to their Ships, stood off to Sea.

Laomedon then return'd and Fought with Hercules, and he and most of his Men were cut off. Hereupon Hercules presently took the City by Storm, and put many of the Inhabitants that oppos'd him, to the Sword, but advanc'd Priam (for his Justice) to his Father's Throne. He was the only Son of Laomedon, that disapprov'd what his Father did, and advis'd that the Horses should be deliver'd to Hercules according to the Contract. Hercules to crown Telamon's Valour with an honourable Reward, gave him Hesione the Daughter of Laomedon to Wife. For he was the first that in this Storm made his Way into the City at the very strongest part of the Castle Wall, where Hercules himself made the Assault.

After his Return into Peloponesus, he made War upon Augeas for defranding him of his promis'd Reward; but after a Battel fought with the Eleans, without effecting any thing further at that time, he return'd to Olenus, who had before entertain'd him as his Guest, whose Daughter Hippolyte was at that time just Marry'd to Axanus. Hercules being then there, kill'd Eurytion the Centaur, for offering Violence to Hippolyte at the time of her Marriage.

Being return'd to Tirynthe, Eurystheus (mov'd upon some Suspicion of Treason or other) Banish'd him with his Mother Alcmena; and likewise Ephicle and Iolaus out of the Kingdom. Being thus forc'd away, he resided at Pheneus in Arcadia. Where he heard that the Sacreds of Neptune in a Solemn Procession were sent to the Istmos under the Conduct of Eurytus the Son of Augeas: Whereupon he hasted away, and set upon Eurytus on the suddain near to Cleone where Hercules's Temple now stands, and kill'd him. Afterwards entring the Country of Elis, with a Potent Army, he kill'd also King Augeas, and took the City by Storm, and recall'd Phyleus into his Country, and gave up the City, together with the Kingdom into his Hands. For he was banish'd by his Father, for ordering the Reward to be given to Hercules, being chosen an Arbitrator between them.

Afterwards it happened that Tyndarus was banish'd from Sparta by Hippocoon, whose Sons likewise being Twenty in number, had kill'd Hyionus the Son of Lycimnius, Hercules his Special Friend. Hercules understanding what they had done, made War upon them, and in a great Battel routing them, slew Multitudes of them; and took Sparta by Storm, and restor'd Tyndarus the Father of the Dioscuri to the Kingdom, upon this Condition, that (in as much as he had gain'd it by Conquest) he should keep it, and hereafter deliver it up intire to his Posterity. In this Battel there were very few kill'd on Hercules his side, amongst whom were those Famous Men Iphiclus, and Seventeen Sons of Cepheus; for of Twenty, Three only escap'd. On the other side, there fell Hippocoon himself with Ten of his Sons, and a great number of the Spartans. After this Battel, he return'd into Arcadia, and resorted to King Aleos, whose Daughter Augeas by stealth lay with, and got with Child, and then went to Stymphalus. Aleos being ignorant of what was done, afterwards discover'd the matter, by the swelling of his Daughter's Belly, and thereupon askt her who was the Father; who answer'd she was forc'd by Hercules. Her Father not giving any credit to what she said, deliver'd her to a Nauphan whom he consided in, and order'd him to drown her.

Auge being carry'd away for Nauphalia, in her Voyage fell in labour near the Mountain Parthenius, and turn'd aside into a Wood near adjoining, under colour of discharging the necessities of nature, and there was deliver'd of a Son, which she left hid among the Shrubs: Then she went away with the Nauplian, and came at length to Nauplia, a Port in the Territory of Argos, and so was unexpectedly preserv'd: For the Nauplian was not willing to drown her as the King had commanded, but gave her to certain Strangers of Caria, who were then setting Sail for Asia, who took her away, and sold her to Teathras King

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