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Page 145 of Mysia. In the mean time the Child that was left in Mount Parthenius was found sucking of an Hind, by some Shepherds belonging to King Corythus, who brought it to their Master: Corythus willingly receiv'd it, and educated and brought it up as his own Son, and nam'd him Telephus from the Hind that suckl'd him. When he was grown up to Mans Estate, he went to the Oracle at Delphos to inquire who was his Mother, where he was answer'd that he must repair to Teuthras, King of Mysia: Having found out his Mother, and it being now known who was his Father, he was in high Esteem and Reputation, so that Teuthras, who had no Heir Male, marry'd him to his Daughter Argiope, and adopted him his Heir and Successor to the Kingdom.

In the mean time Hercules the Fifth Year after his Banishment into Pheneus, being exceedingly griev'd for the Deaths of Hyionus the Son of Lycimnius, and of his Brother Iphiclus, wholly abandon'd Arcadia and Peloponesus; and being accompany'd with Multitudes of the Arcadians went to Calydon, a City of Aetolia. And having now neither Wife nor lawful Issue, he marry'd Deianira the Daughter of Oen •us, Meleeager being then dead.

And here it will not be amiss to make a small Digression, and declare what hapned to Meleager.

Oencus upon a great Plenty of Corn, in Gratitude, sacrific'd to all the Gods, but only Diana: At which the Goddess being inrag'd, sent among them that so fam'd and mighty Calydonian Boar, which wasted and spoyl'd all the Neighbouring Region, and kill'd and destroy'd most of their Cattle. Meleager the Son of Oeneus being then in the Flower of his Age and full Strength, and not inferiour to any for Valour, associated himself with many other Gallants to hunt this Boar. He being the first that wounded the Beast with his Dart, by the general Consent of all carry'd away the Spoyl and Honour of the day, which was the Boar's Skin. Atalanta the Daughter of Echeneus, was one of his Associates in this Hunting; and therefore Meleager (being much in Love with her) presented her with the Skin, attributing to her the Glory of the Action. But the Sons of Thestius his Fellow-hunters took it most hainously, that a Stranger should be preferr'd before them, and no regard be had to the Nearness of Kindred that was between them and Meleager. To defeat her therefore of Meleager's Gift they lay in wait for her, and fell upon her in her return to Arcadia and took away the Skin by Force. But Meleager (for the Love he bore to Atalanta) being much troubled at the Affront and Disgrace offer'd her, took upon him the Defence of her Cause, and at first advis'd the Aggressors to restore what they had violently taken away. But when he could not prevail, he slew them. They were the Brothers of Althea, his Mother, who so immoderately griev'd for their Deaths, that she pour'd out most heavy Curses against her Son, and wish'd the Gods would cut him off, who heard her Prayer, and kill'd him. Some there be that feign that when Meleager was born the Destinies appear'd to Althea in her Dream, and foretold that Meleager her Son should dye when a Brand that was then in the Fire should be consum'd. His Mother therereupon conceiving the Life of her Son depended upon the Preservation of the Firebrand, laid it up very carefully: But being incens'd at the Death of her Brothers, she threw it into the Fire, and so hastned her Sons Death. But afterwards repenting and grievously afflicted for what she had done, she hang'd her self. In the mean time Hipponous in Olenum being incens'd at his Daughter Peribaea, because she said she was with Child by Mars, sent her to Oeneus in Aetolia, and desir'd him that he would forthwith put her to Death: But he having lately lost both his Son and his Wife, would not kill the Lady, but marry'd her, and begat of her Tydeus. But let this suffice concerning Meleager, Althea and Oeneus.

Hercules to gain the Favour of the Calydonians diverted the River Achelous into another Channel which he cut for it, and by that means water'd a great Part of the Country, and made it exceeding fruitful, which gave Occasion to the Poetical Fables, that Hercules fought with Achelous transform'd into the Shape of a Bull, and in the Conflict cut off one of his Horns, and gave it to the Aetolians: This they call Amalthea's

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